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The most important arena is rescheduling, but marijuana stocks are poised to benefit from progress toward legalization around the world. These are the four “fronts” I’m watching closely.
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Small caps have been trailing the broader market since last May, but looking forward, the case for them is attractive. So are small caps a buy, sell or hold right now?
Nvidia recently beat out Apple as the second-largest company by market cap. With Microsoft still ahead of it, when will Nvidia become the most valuable company in the world?
With the market at new highs but with narrow breadth, what’s happening with growth stocks these days? Mike Cintolo sits down to offer up some answers.
Buffett, Druckenmiller ... Kitty? Do Roaring Kitty (Keith Gill) and Nancy Pelosi belong on the list of the greatest traders of all time?
Large-cap growth stocks have been the place to be for the last few years and should stay in favor based on the economic cycle. Here are three I like now.
0DTE options, or 0-days-to-expiration options, are highly risky, but if you’re planning on trading them there’s one risk you may not be considering.
Cabot subscribers have shared their successes with us in the past, but none quite like this. Here’s the story of how Cabot helped get one Oscar-nominated film made.
Sentiment among cannabis investors has swung bearish, but for all the wrong reasons. These four catalysts signal brighter days ahead.
Nvidia (NVDA) is the hottest stock on the market by far. But Costco (COST) has been a steady grower with a solid business model for years. Here’s why I think Costco stock is the better long-term investment.
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Relative Performance (RP) measures how a stock is performing relative to a specific index and is a good sign of strength or weakness.
In comparing Coke vs. Pepsi stock, neither soda giant will blow you away. But over the long haul, both are uncannily reliable. Which is best?
Writing covered call options is a great way to boost your yield on stocks you already own, and involves a lot less risk than most investors think.
People always ask us how we manage to find the market’s leading growth stocks. Here are five characteristics we screen for.
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