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Dividend stocks are always a wise safety net for any portfolio. But right now, they’re essential market beaters. Here are two we like.
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Tax loss harvesting is a strategy for using losing trades to offset capital gains (or actual income), and it’s the perfect silver lining to a crummy year in the market.
Trend lines are the first tool in a technical trader’s toolbelt, and this trend line in particular can help you time new buys to maximize profit.
Rare earths and strategic metals are critical for next-generation energy and technology, which makes these rare earths stocks critical for America’s rivalry with China.
The growth stock selloff has been a challenge for all investors, but Cabot Growth Investor subscribers have avoided the worst of it. Here’s how we did it.
It will take years for bankruptcy and (possibly) criminal courts to unwind what happened to FTX, but for now, it looks like this cryptocurrency scam was less about the crypto and more about the currency.
Comparing Microsoft, Bitcoin, and small-cap stocks might seem like comparing apples to bananas to oranges, but if you dig deeper into that comparison you’ll see why I like small-cap stocks.
Cannabis stocks have been trending lower all year, but I’m looking at 3 cannabis stock catalysts that could arrive sooner than you think.
In a thriving real estate market, REITs have outperformed this year. Here are the five best-performing REITs so far in 2021.
Each era has a cult stock or investment that becomes a symbol of the excess of the era. Applying these value metrics can help you avoid them.
Trending Stories
The 10 highest-paying dividend stocks in the Dow Jones Industrial all yield more than 3%. But which of them would I buy today?
They are two of the most recognizable names out there, and good stocks, but which is the better buy? Let’s break down Apple vs. Amazon stock.
Let me tell you about the greatest options trade I saw in my 10 years on the Chicago Board of Options Exchange - and what I learned from it.
With so much uncertainty in the market, today I want to discuss my five commandments for selling short - before you need to use them.
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