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Early Opportunies
Get in Before the Crowd
In the January issue of Cabot Early Opportunities, we take heed of the improving market breadth and dig into five companies from different industries that look compelling now.

Our top pick this month is a small-cap oil and gas equipment company that’s a leader in the offshore market. I also feature an online retailer specializing in the luxury market, an emerging MedTech name, a customer experience specialist and an online learning marketplace that’s poised to recover nicely.

As always, there should be something for everyone in this month’s issue!
The FOMC met this week, and the meeting wrapped up with a 25bps hike, as expected. A subtle hint of what was to come (easy to point out in hindsight) was that the FOMC’s statement removed the reference to inflation being elevated due to supply and demand imbalances relating to the pandemic.