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The World’s Best Stocks
Explorer stocks were steady or slightly down this week but don’t get discouraged. It is likely that Fed interest rate hikes have ended and, combined with a debt ceiling deal, could ignite a rally. Next week I will give an update on our three Explorer ETF positions.

The unemployment rate for Chinese people ages 16 to 24 rose to a record of 20.4% last month. The rate of youth unemployment in China has consistently been two or three times higher than the general population. Not a good sign.
The Explorer had a good week with Butterfly (BFLY) up 15% and Solid Power (SLDP) up 10% this week. The S&P 500 has risen 8% in 2023 but the market gains are very narrow and concentrated, with the top five stocks accounting for most of the gains.
MP Materials (MP), a rare earths mine and processor, is down about 11% this morning.