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The World’s Best Stocks
The S&P 500 and Explorer stocks are in an uptrend in November as investors bet that the Federal Reserve’s interest rate hikes are done for now and that inflation will moderate without a recession. In addition, with most S&P 500 companies having reported third-quarter results, more than 80% have beaten analyst expectations.

With the investing climate improving, today we add two new positions to the portfolio. Enjoy, and Happy Thanksgiving!
Many analysts now expect a “Goldilocks scenario,” with the economy growing nicely but not too fast. This would mean that the Fed does not need to worry about raising interest rates further to combat inflation. Good news for stocks.

I would like to clarify there are two reasons that I remove a stock as an Explorer recommendation. When I recommend a stock, I expect that it will deliver appreciation and dividends over the long haul unless I highlight that it is a more of a short-term trading opportunity.
MP Materials (MP), a rare earths mine and processor, is down about 11% this morning.