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The World’s Best Stocks
Tesla doesn’t look sick to me. Last night it reported Q4 net income of $3.69 billion and revenue of $24.3 billion, up 59% and 37%, respectively, from a year earlier. Tesla sold 405,278 vehicles, up 31% from a year earlier and stated it knows it needs to produce cheaper EVs to become a bigger automaker. With EVs on the brain, this week we go to Sweden for an under-the-radar electric vehicle maker that is gaining momentum based on performance and styling.
It is only a month into 2023 but playing safe has not paid off as the Nasdaq 100 (QQQ) is the best-performing U.S. index ETF with a gain of 10.6% thus far. The small-cap Russell 2,000 (IWM) is next, up 9.8%. The Dow Jones 30 (DIA) – which fared the best in 2022 – is up only 2.95%.
Based on market conditions and to limit losses, I suggest you sell the following two Explorer recommendations: