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Most of the rubber-meets-the-road evidence is positive when it comes to the intermediate-term, that said, short-term, some wobbles and rotation are beginning to creep in—some growth areas (like chips) are weakening while the broad market (small-caps, etc.) are perking up, and after five weeks of strong gains, investor sentiment has gotten a bit comfortable. That doesn’t have us growing more cautious, and in fact, we’re bumping up our Market Monitor to a level 7—though we are still favoring moving gradually and picking your stocks and entry points carefully.

This week’s list has another nice collection of stocks, including everything from precious metals to chemicals to some powerful earnings gaps in the tech space. Our Top Pick is a tech infrastructure name that isn’t early in its run, but after a choppy three months, it appears ready for its next move.
Updates: Movers & Shakers
The major indexes have been muted this week, with most right around unchanged on the week. Overall, that’s kept the top-down evidence pointed higher—the intermediate-term trend of the major indexes is up, the same goes with many growth-oriented funds, and we’ve even seen continued improvement in the broad market, with the number of new lows consistently coming in at tame levels.
Our Cabot Top Ten Trader’s market timing system consists of two parts—one based on the action of three select, growth-oriented market indexes, and the other based on the action of the fast-moving stocks Cabot Top Ten features.
Cabot Top Ten Trader is meant to be something where we do the first four or five steps of the process for you and then let you take it from there.
By following thse guidelines, we’ve always been able to get on board relatively early in each new bull cycle.
Guidelines to improve your investment results with Cabot Top Ten Trader.