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We rarely draw major conclusions from a couple of days of trading, but there’s no doubt the action since last week’s inflation report is very interesting, with the broad market coming alive, though that’s happening as some extended tech leaders wobble a bit. All in all, the intermediate-term trend is turning up and we are seeing a few more names emerge, though to us, it remains a stock-by-stock environment, so we’re focused on great setups and potential breakouts in stocks showing relative strength. We’ll leave our Market Monitor at a level 7.

This week’s list is very eclectic, with everything from precious metals to bull market stocks to AI plays to biotech—a sign the broad market is kicking into gear. Our Top Pick is a mid-cap in the biotech space with very strong sales and earnings projections as their new drug grows rapidly.
Updates: Movers & Shakers
For the past few weeks we’ve written about the narrow, divergent market environment, saying that, while not bearish (these things can keep going for many weeks or even months), they do raise the risk of a sharp character change—be it a general selloff or a sharp rotation.
Our Cabot Top Ten Trader’s market timing system consists of two parts—one based on the action of three select, growth-oriented market indexes, and the other based on the action of the fast-moving stocks Cabot Top Ten features.
Cabot Top Ten Trader is meant to be something where we do the first four or five steps of the process for you and then let you take it from there.
Guidelines to improve your investment results with Cabot Top Ten Trader.
The Cabot Top Ten Trader system evaluates price and relative performance of 8,000 charts each week to select the strongest momentum stocks.