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If you’ve been expecting a straight-up advance with dozens of leaders lifting off, the past couple of weeks have been disappointing—but after the damage seen last year, we’re not going to make the perfect the enemy of the good: At this point, the intermediate-term trend is still sideways but a couple of good days could change that, and the broad market remains in fine shape despite some potholes of late (including today). Obviously, things can change, but with the evidence continuing to crawl in the right direction, we’re nudging our Market Monitor up to a level 6 today.

This week’s list does have a few growth-ier ideas, but the majority remain cyclicals and recent earnings plays. Our Top Pick is a turnaround in the retail space that’s cheap-ish, has a long-term growth story and popped on earnings last week. Aim for dips.
Updates: Movers & Shakers
While this morning is a bit of a downer, the week as a whole has been a great one for stocks, with the major indexes up in the 2.5% to 5% range generally speaking. But more important to us is where that strength has taken the indexes—specifically, above their December highs, which turns the market’s intermediate-term trend up.
Our Cabot Top Ten Trader’s market timing system consists of two parts—one based on the action of three select, growth-oriented market indexes, and the other based on the action of the fast-moving stocks Cabot Top Ten features.
Cabot Top Ten Trader is meant to be something where we do the first four or five steps of the process for you and then let you take it from there.
Guidelines to improve your investment results with Cabot Top Ten Trader.
The Cabot Top Ten Trader system evaluates price and relative performance of 8,000 charts each week to select the strongest momentum stocks.