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Senior Director of Marketing

Full-time/exempt, mostly remote with some travel

Cabot Wealth Network is an equal opportunity employer.

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Job Purpose
Strategize, execute, and optimize a comprehensive marketing plan to grow revenue and profits and strengthen market position. Role includes teamwork approach and responsibilities in cross-functional and cross-departmental ways.

· Audience Development: Develop multi-channel strategies and tactics for attracting new free email subscribers, including paid-media efforts, email partnerships and swaps, and organic sources. Duties include working with editorial and marketing teams to develop and execute strategies, free-product development and promotions, and copywriting and design direction for audience-development components.

· Premium Member/Subscriber Growth: Strategize and execute promotions for growing subscriber and membership levels across all premium products. Duties include planning promotional email campaigns, offer development and testing strategies, copywriting, design direction, campaign scheduling, and results analysis.

· Product Development: Participate in cross-departmental strategizing for free and premium product development and refinement. Duties include regular review of product profitability, new product brainstorming, and product enhancements to boost effectiveness.

· Customer Engagement & Retention: Strategize and execute programs to boost free and premium customer engagement and retention. Duties include new tactics for retention; continuous analysis and optimization of the customer journey; and customer research and feedback, as necessary.

· Revenue Growth & Profit Optimization: Participate in revenue goal-setting and tactics for optimizing profits. Duties include annual budgeting, regular reforecasting, and recommended cost-control measures.

· Reporting & Accountability: Develop and deploy regular key-metrics reporting that is relevant and meaningful, to be shared across the company for maximum effect. Duties include identifying meaningful metrics, gathering reporting data, and presenting reports in easy-to-understand and actionable ways.

· Industry Visibility & Trendspotting: Participate in any appropriate industry associations and will monitor investing and marketing trends that can affect company performance. Duties include summarizing and reporting on all trends and findings to key staff.

· Executive Team & Management: Participate in executive team strategizing and decision-making and will serve as a back-up resource in cross-functional and cross-departmental ways. Duties to be assigned as required and necessary.

Essential Skills
· Understanding of changing stock market dynamics

· Strong analytical skills, with a focus on problem-solving and positive business and customer outcomes

· Full grasp of direct-marketing concepts and how to improve results

· Clear, timely, and effective communication skills across all channels—verbally, in formal and casual written communications, and with presentations

· Ability to work effectively in a team environment

· Flexibility and adaptability—for example, willing to change schedules on the fly

· Self-starter—must be able to work independently and to seek appropriate resources, when necessary, to accomplish goals

· Leadership and persuasion skills—must be able to show by example and to make the case for new initiatives in clear, concise, and persuasive ways

· Bachelor’s Degree required

· 10+ years direct-marketing experience selling subscriptions/memberships and other products to consumers

· 8+ years of leadership in a marketing department

· Experience marketing personal investment advisories or newsletters is preferred.

About Cabot Wealth NetworkCabot Wealth Network, established in 1970, is a trusted independent source of advice for individuals striving to take control of their investments and find the best stocks. Cabot is headquartered in historic Salem, Massachusetts, where John Cabot’s and other fortunes were made developing global trade.

To help our customers be more successful investors by providing them with clear education, expert insights and recommendations grounded in sensible, time-tested investing strategies.

· We value our customers whose investing success is our purpose for being in business.

· We value our employees who work as a team in a respectful, flexible, and supportive environment to accomplish feats impossible for any of us individually.

· We value a diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace as the best way to serve our customers and all other stakeholders.

· We value honesty because it is the right thing to do and because our excellent reputation is essential to our success.

· We value education as the path to continuous improvement.

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About Us
For more than 50 years Cabot’s investment advisory publications have helped hundreds of thousands of investors make more money. Cabot’s high standards of research, time-tested investment strategies and systems, and expert analysts are why Cabot has won accolades and awards for its publications and most importantly, why we have so many loyal customers. And, our focus on attracting and retaining a diverse and talented team is what enables our success. Any currently open positions are listed below.

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Cabot Heritage Corp., doing business as Cabot Wealth Network, is an equal opportunity employer.