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Chris Preston

Editor in Chief and Chief Analyst of Cabot Stock of the Week and Cabot Value Investor

Chris Preston is Cabot Wealth Network’s Vice President of Content and Chief Analyst of Cabot Stock of the Week and Cabot Value Investor .

Chris joined Cabot in 2015, where he previously served as staff analyst, web editor, and Chief Analyst of Cabot Wealth Daily, our free investment advisory, which in 2019 was named “Best Financial/Investing Newsletter or Ezine” at the SIPA (Specialized Information Publishers Association) Awards, with Chris at the helm.

Prior to joining Cabot, Chris was an analyst and assistant managing editor with Wyatt Investment Research. He has been an investment analyst for more than a decade and a professional writer/editor for nearly 20 years, picking up multiple writing awards along the way. His bylines have appeared in Forbes, The Money Show, Time Magazine, U.S. News and World Report and

Chris lives in Vermont with his wife, two young kids and their golden retriever, Scout. He occasionally sleeps.

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Stocks have also been a bit stuck in the mud for the last month or so, partly because investor confidence in the Fed’s interest rate-slashing timetable has waned as inflation has remained stickier than expected. Wednesday’s CPI print didn’t help; March inflation came in at 3.5% year over year, a tad hotter than the 3.4% expected and up from 3.2% in February. The month-over-month increase was 0.4%, higher than the 0.3% bump that was anticipated. Stocks promptly sold off, with all three major indexes down more than 1% in early Wednesday trading.

Eventually, however, inflation will dip below that stubborn 3% threshold, and the Fed will start to cut short-term interest rates. We just don’t know when.
If you have money to invest and want Tesla-like profits, you should invest in the next Tesla. How do you identify that stock? Here’s my list.
If you’re looking to start an investment portfolio on the cheap, here are the three best stocks under $10 to buy with momentum.
With the market in the midst of a correction it’s important to know how to identify undervalued stocks and not just “cheap” stocks.
Stocks are coming off a rare down week, though the “damage” was mostly limited to last Thursday after a couple rogue Fed members came out with some hawkish quotes (though, in fairness, this happens just about every month). Still, the bull market is very much intact, and it’s a great time to go looking for growth stocks at value prices. As the new Chief Analyst of Cabot Value Investor, I just added such a stock to that portfolio, so today’s new Stock of the Week recommendation comes from yours truly. It’s a giant in the auto industry that is benefitting greatly from Americans’ burgeoning appetite for hybrid cars.
Oil prices have rebounded nicely from historic lows. As energy stocks rise, these three oil ETFs are an efficient way to play the rally.
After years of being either ignored or sold off, value stocks are finally having a moment on Wall Street. The Vanguard S&P 500 Value Index Fund (VOOV) is up 25% in the last five months and is actually outpacing growth titles over the last month. Still, it’s a bull market, and growth stocks are king. How to compete as value investors in a growth-minded market? By seeking growth stocks at value prices.

Today, we do just that, adding a household name that’s been rejuvenated thanks to a shift in industry trends. The stock is up 18% year to date, and yet its shares remain dirt cheap by virtually every measure.

Stocks keep rolling into spring on the heels of an excellent first quarter. Can the next three months match the previous three (or five)? Probably not. But bull markets don’t normally die of old age, and there are plenty of reasons to believe stocks will be higher by the end of Q2. With that in mind, today we add another beneficiary of artificial intelligence, though a company that’s not entirely dependent on AI. Instead, it’s one that’s found new life thanks in part to AI – similar to Microsoft (MSFT) when we added it to the portfolio a year ago. It’s been in Carl Delfeld’s Cabot Explorer portfolio for months, and today we welcome it to Stock of the Week.
Bitcoin enthusiasts claim it’s the new gold, and they may be right, but likely not for the reason they think (or hope).
The bull market rolls on, with Jerome Powell and company only adding fuel to the buyers’ fire by affirming their intention to cut interest rates three more times this year. While the artificial intelligence hype cycle has slowed a bit, other sectors are starting to get noticed. One of them is MedTech. So today, we add a once-great MedTech stock that got slashed in half during the bear market of 2022 but has since climbed all the way back to new highs, thanks in part to a new product just approved by the FDA. It was enough to convince Tyler Laundon to add the stock to his Cabot Early Opportunities portfolio, and today we do the same.

The stock market performance under Donald Trump was strong. But history says investors favor a Democrat in the White House.
They are two of the most recognizable names out there, and good stocks, but which is the better buy? Let’s break down Apple vs. Amazon stock.
After a rare down week for the market, and with the Fed set to potentially pour their usual pitcher of cold water on investor enthusiasm again this week, it’s possible an extended pause or even a modest pullback in stocks is in order. With that in mind, today we add another safety play in the form of a high-yield business development company Tom Hutchinson recently recommended to his Cabot Dividend Investor readers. And it’s not some stodgy, slow-burn title – the stock is trading at 52-week highs!
Bitcoin has been one of the best investments over the last five years, but is bitcoin a good long-term investment? Let’s examine.
Electric vehicle stocks have seemingly shifted into “Neutral,” but these hybrid-focused car companies are picking up speed as consumer preferences shift.
Stocks finally had a down week, though the damage was modest. Is it the start of a longer retreat, or a rare speed bump in a relentless bull market? This week could tell us a lot, especially with more inflation data set to print. To better fortify our portfolio against any potential turbulence, today we add an industrial stock that’s a strong value play that is a new addition from Bruce Kaser to his Cabot Value Investor portfolio.
Worried that the next bear market is long overdue? This 100-year stock market chart may help provide some encouraging perspective.
In comparing Coke vs. Pepsi stock, neither soda giant will blow you away. But over the long haul, both are uncannily reliable. Which is best?
The party continues on Wall Street, and we’re not going to forecast when it will end. Instead, we’re going to try and capitalize on the strength, a strategy that has worked very well for the Stock of the Week portfolio over the last four months. Today, we take another big swing in a stock that was a home run for Cabot Explorer Chief Analyst Carl Delfeld several years ago, before the sellers came for it. Now, it’s back. It’s an overseas stock that doesn’t have the China stench on it, something that hurt other perfectly good stocks (see BYD (BYDDY)) in the last year.
Investing in a business development company is a high-risk, high-reward proposition for income investors. But you can mitigate risks.
The market is hitting new highs, thanks to Nvidia (NVDA). And while blowout earnings from the artificial intelligence leader were good for the many AI-related plays we have in the Stock of the Week portfolio, we have more than our share of non-AI stocks that are thriving as well (see American Eagle Outfitters (AEO) and Aviva (AVVIY)). Today, however, we add a hiding-in-plain-sight all-star, a company so mainstream and obvious that it may already be in your portfolio … or it’s possible you sold out of it along with many other institutional investors during a brutal stretch in 2022. Now, it’s fully back – and yet the shares still trade well below their 2021 peak. It’s a new recommendation from Tyler Laundon in his Cabot Early Opportunities advisory.

Details inside.
Stocks have finally hit a speed bump, retreating modestly in the last couple weeks. But pullbacks are both inevitable and healthy in the long run. And the latest one offers an opportunity to buy some great companies at more attractive prices. So today, we add perhaps February’s hottest stock – after it’s been knocked down more than 8% in the last two trading days. I’m betting it’ll bounce back, and so is Mike Cintolo, who recently recommended the stock to his Cabot Top Ten Trader readers.
It’s important to distinguish between short-term investments that can really move when the timing is right and long-term portfolio staples. These three asset classes are perfect examples.
AMZN stock and GOOG stock are two musts for any portfolio. But which tech behemoth is better positioned for future growth?
Stocks keep hitting new highs, riding a stronger-than-expected earnings season and multiple red-hot trends (artificial intelligence, semiconductors, weight-loss drugs), all of which we have heavy exposure to in the Stock of the Week portfolio. It’s possible stocks in those sectors are due for a pullback, but tech as a whole is clearly thriving at the moment, so today we split the difference by adding a dividend-paying technology stock that’s been a long-time favorite of Cabot Dividend Investor Chief Analyst Tom Hutchinson.
After a rocky year, let’s look ahead to bigger and brighter things. Like when we might get Dow 40,000, S&P 5,000 and Nasdaq 20,000.
The major indexes are up to new highs, though they again have become very dependent on the Magnificent Seven in the last month after stocks of virtually all sizes and sectors rallied in November and December. Outside the Mag Seven, most stocks have been stagnant so far in 2024. Not so in the Stock of the Week portfolio, where we have multiple stocks hitting new highs, none of which belong to the Mag Seven, and TWO stocks that have doubled in the last year! We try and keep the hot streak going by adding a familiar, big-name growth stock that was beaten to a pulp during the bear market of 2022 and 2023 but has demonstrated some real momentum in the last three months. It’s a recent recommendation from Cabot Explorer Chief Analyst Carl Delfeld.
When you invest with conviction, you can rest easy knowing that your investment portfolio is comprised solely of companies you truly believe in.
It’s a potentially very busy week for the market, as we close the book on a productive January. The Fed will come out with its latest interest rate progress report; new jobs numbers will be released; and 40% of the S&P 500 will report earnings. Expect some movement in the market. Entering the week, the market is behaving quite well, sitting at new all-time highs as I write this. It’s a good time to take some risks. And today, we do just that by adding a small-cap biotech that got Wall Street’s attention in September after achieving a breakthrough on a new drug candidate. It’s a brand-new recommendation from Cabot Early Opportunities Chief Analyst Tyler Laundon.
There’s no telling what 2024 has in store, but these are my three market predictions for the year ahead.