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Chris Preston

Vice President of Content and Chief Analyst of Cabot Stock of the Week

Chris Preston is Cabot Wealth Network’s Vice President of Content and Chief Analyst of Cabot Stock of the Week.

Chris joined Cabot in 2015, where he previously served as staff analyst, web editor, and Chief Analyst of Cabot Wealth Daily, our free investment advisory, which in 2019 was named “Best Financial/Investing Newsletter or Ezine” at the SIPA (Specialized Information Publishers Association) Awards, with Chris at the helm.

Prior to joining Cabot, Chris was an analyst and assistant managing editor with Wyatt Investment Research. He has been an investment analyst for more than a decade and a professional writer/editor for nearly 20 years, picking up multiple writing awards along the way. His bylines have appeared in Forbes, The Money Show, Time Magazine, U.S. News and World Report and

Chris lives in Vermont with his wife, two young kids and their golden retriever, Scout. He occasionally sleeps.

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The market continues to improve, so we’re only adding – not subtracting – to the Stock of the Week portfolio again today. Our latest addition is a very recognizable technology name that was once a market darling but has fallen on hard times in recent years. Now it’s starting to show signs of life again, and our Bruce Kaser thinks it’s a prime turnaround candidate. Perhaps it will make like another big turnaround story in our portfolio that’s hitting new all-time highs today…
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With one month left to go in this miserable year, the stock market picture is the brightest it’s been in some time. The S&P 500 is up 11% since its mid-October bottom, volatility is way down, and December is traditionally (though not always) one of the better months on the calendar for investors. The next Fed meeting or inflation data point could throw cold water on all that, but for now the water is at least lukewarm, which means it’s time to take a chance and dive in head-first with a new small-cap financial recommendation courtesy of Cabot Early Opportunities Chief Analyst Tyler Laundon.

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With Black Friday imminent, let’s take a look at three retail stocks with the most momentum heading into the holiday weekend.
Happy Thanksgiving! The market is relatively quiet at the moment, and will likely continue to be ahead of the Thursday holiday. And as we head into the final month of the year, our portfolio is in good shape, with most of our stocks acting well. But it can never hurt to add a bit of safety, especially in a bear market, which is why this week we’re adding a reliable real estate investment trust (REIT) that tends to outperform coming off of down periods for the market. The company comes highly recommended by Cabot Dividend Investor Chief Analyst Tom Hutchinson.

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They are two of the most recognizable names out there, and good stocks, but which is the better buy? Let’s break down Apple vs. Amazon stock.
A better-than-expected inflation rate saved the day last week, and stocks are back on the rise after their single best day since April 2020. Will the latest rally last, or is it yet another bear market fake-out? Time will tell. In the meantime, we’re adding a stock that should prosper regardless of which way the market heads next because the company improves access around the world to one thing everyone needs: food. It’s a recent recommendation from Cabot Explorer Chief Analyst Carl Delfeld, and it’s already up more than 40% year to date.

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Montauk Renewables (MNTK) reported third-quarter earnings after the bell on Wednesday and they weren’t good – at least not compared to estimates.
It’s an extremely pivotal week for stocks, as the midterm elections and latest round of inflation data could go a long way toward determining how markets will finish out this difficult year. In the meantime, we’re adding the rare growth stock that has held up well amidst all the ups and downs of late, which should bode well for the coming months. It’s a retail favorite of Cabot Growth Investor Chief Analyst Mike Cintolo – and thus may look familiar to some of you.

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Stock market investing can be daunting in a time of high inflation and rising interest rates. Here are five ways to make it manageable.
Happy Halloween! True to the occasion, the final day of October is cause for investor celebration this year – all three major indexes were up sharply this month (one more sharply than the other two). Yet, with the Fed set to talk interest rates again this week and midterms and more inflation data on tap for next week, things also still feel a bit spooky out there. So, to fortify our portfolio against any further impending doom, today I’m adding a household name that has a proven track record, pays a hefty dividend, and has been overly punished by all the selling over the past year. In fact, value expert Bruce Kaser just added it to his Cabot Undervalued Stocks Advisor portfolio.

Stocks were up for a second straight week, which might as well be a full-on rally in 2022 terms. At the very least, it’s a good time to add a beaten-down growth stock with immense potential – in a sector that has brought us our biggest winner (by far) to date. It’s a stock that was recently recommended by Tyler Laundon in his Cabot Early Opportunities advisory.

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It’s still a bear market, but there were some positive signs this past week, including the market’s surprisingly positive response to another disappointing inflation report last Thursday. With so many stocks and sectors down 20%, 30%, 40% or more, the odds favor a rebound at some point – it’s just a matter of when. Perhaps the most beaten-down subsector has been cannabis, so today we want to take the contrarian route and buy (very) low on a recommendation from new Sector Xpress Cannabis Advisor Chief Analyst Michael Brush. It’s a company that’s growing just fine but whose shares have been overly pummeled like most other marijuana stocks.

Details inside.

Stocks continue to slide, prompting us to add some more safety to the Stock of the Week portfolio in the form of a gold mining stock recommended by Sector Xpress Gold & Metals Advisor analyst Clif Droke this week. It’s one of the few gold miners that’s actually growing revenues, and is in fact the only stock Clif is currently recommending. It also may benefit from ongoing global efforts at “de-dollarization.”

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FAANG stocks helped drive the market higher for the last decade, but does the current market environment sound the death knell for FAANG stocks?
Stocks were basically neutral in the last week, with some signs of life bubbling up beneath the surface. In fact, most of our stocks had good weeks – and a couple of them were very good. Still, it remains highly volatile out there, and the selling isn’t necessarily over. And that makes it a good time to add another contrarian play. This week, that means adding our first (ever?) fund, which takes advantage of the fast growth happening outside U.S. borders – and it’s severely undervalued. It’s a recent recommendation from Cabot Explorer chief analyst Carl Delfeld.

Details inside.

AMD stock has been one of the market’s best performers. But yesterday it fell 20% on earnings. The decline wasn’t really about the earnings.
It’s ugly out there, as virtually everything has been caught up in the merciless selling the last couple weeks. As a result, we are parting ways with three more stocks this week before their losses become even bigger. But we’re not completely battening down the hatches: Today’s addition to the Stock of the Week portfolio is a small-cap growth stock courtesy of Cabot Early Opportunities Chief Analyst Tyler Laundon. It’s not a household name, but it’s growing fast by taking full advantage of the return to relative normalcy in a post-Covid world.

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The current stock market pullback is likely to get worse before it gets better. But there’s evidence that recent pain will lead to big gains.
The market continues to retrace its steps back toward mid-summer lows, but not all stocks are suffering. Renewable energy names, including several in the Stock of the Week portfolio, are holding up quite well thanks in large part to lingering good vibes from the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act. So we’re not fighting the tape – today, we’re adding another clean energy stock to the portfolio, recommended by our Greentech expert, Brendan Coffey.

Details inside.

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