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Brad Simmerman

Editor, Cabot Wealth Daily

Brad Simmerman is the Editor of Cabot Wealth Daily, the award-winning free daily advisory.

Brad joined Cabot in 2020 after several years as a freelance writer and pool reporter for Courthouse News Service, and he strives to bring a reporter’s analytical eye to economic macro trends and the world of stock investing. Prior to his time as a professional writer and editor, Brad worked, in multiple capacities, as a Stock Broker with Charles Schwab where he worked with high-net-worth clients, trained dedicated active-trader teams on technical analysis and market mechanics, and resolved high-level client concerns as part of the in-house arbitration team.

Brad lives in Arizona with his wife, two children and dog Chewbacca (Chewy) whose name turned out to be far more appropriate than he could have guessed.

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