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Free Webinars

Cabot ETF Strategist chief analyst Kate Stalter will explain why it’s important to have ETFs in your portfolio, and elaborate on the different kinds of ETFs that make sense. Kate will explain how ETFs are a way to efficiently diversify your portfolio without much downside risk - and to make it crash-proof. Finally, Kate will recommend 3 ETFs that you should buy TODAY!
Join Timothy Lutts, chief analyst of newsletters Cabot Marijuana Investor and Cabot Stock of the Week, as he shares his ideas on what to expect from the cannabis stocks in 2022. Here are a few topics he will discuss:
-With the sector down 70% from Feb 2021, these stocks are cheap!
-New Jersey and New York are poised to go legal, expanding the market substantially.
-And one of Tim’s favorites is a company that came public in 2021, so it’s still unknown.