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Profit Booster
Make Money 3 Ways from Great Growth Stocks
For the past six to nine months the consensus among traders had been that the Federal Reserve would be cutting interest rates this year, and some thought it would be aggressive cutting. However, that narrative may have changed on Thursday as two Fed members noted that the central bank might not cut at all in 2024. This sent shockwaves through the stock market Thursday and Friday.

By week’s end the S&P 500 had fallen1%, the Dow had lost 2.25% and the Nasdaq had declined by 1%.
Today, a whopping eight Profit Booster positions will expire. Most are “slam-dunk,” full-profit trades, while others will go down to the wire.

The big takeaway, before we dive in, is we are going to let the situation play itself out, and come Monday/Tuesday of next week we will revisit our profits, as well as how we will manage the remaining positions.