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Energy stocks have been by far the best-performing market sector over the last couple of years. They went from worst to first in dramatic fashion. And the good times may be just beginning.

The industry has had very low capital spending and expansion in recent years. Crude oil inventories have fallen below the five-year average and are likely headed far lower. OPEC has pledged dramatic production cuts to push prices higher. There is also a high degree of geopolitical risk. In fact, Goldman Sachs analysts are forecasting oil prices to get back to $95 per barrel before the end of this year.

The fundamentals are in place for prices to average a lot higher than they are now over the next few years. And that will lift stock prices. Stocks are also cheap, have among the best dividend yields on the market, and tend to perform well during times of inflation.

This issue highlights one of the highest-growth energy companies on the market. It has the ability to grow production by double digits for many years to come and at very low cost.
The market is near the highest level since last summer and up over 9% YTD. But it hasn’t made a sustained up or down move since the beginning of April.

It’s been more sideways action for most of the last week. The big obsession now is with the debt limit. No agreement has been reached and the crucial, as laid out by Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, June 1 deadline is fast approaching. The market can’t seem to move higher until the issue is resolved. But it doesn’t really fall because investors expect the usual last-minute deal.