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Dividend Investor
Safe Income and Dividend Growth
Inflation has come down. But in the past, when inflation stayed this high for this long, it took about a decade to get rid of it. That’s why the inflation rate averaged 7.25% in the decade of the 1970s and 5.82% in the 1980s.

Once that inflation genie gets out of the bottle, it has historically been a long ordeal to get it back in. Higher inflation and interest rates may persist for several years to come. That’s a different economic situation than we have faced in a long time. And it is changing the investment landscape.

As investors, we need to invest in a way that not only keeps pace with inflation but exceeds the rate of inflation in order to actually grow a nest egg in real terms. In this issue, I highlight two portfolio dividend stocks that have a unique ability to thrive during inflation beyond most dividend stocks.
There’s a new worry in the market – recession. Just when the Fed is finally chilling out, investors are moving on to the next bummer. The market still stinks, just for different reasons.

Until a couple of weeks ago the main concern was a more hawkish Fed. But the banking situation has mellowed the Fed, and the Central Bank just indicated it is nearly done hiking rates. It’s a relief on the Fed front but the economy could be a problem now.