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Income Advisor
Conservative investing. Double-digit income.
The recent rally has lifted call premiums to the highest levels in many months as more investors are willing to bet on higher prices going forward. But unless this current rally leads us to the next bull market, it’s probably nearly over. It’s a great time to lock in a high income while premiums are fat, and stocks may be close to a near-term high.

The current market is creating a golden opportunity to get a high income in an otherwise crummy market. Let’s grab it. In this issue, I highlight two call-writing opportunities in stocks that have rallied strongly since being added to the portfolio. While I like the prospects of these stocks over the next year, it’s time to err on the side of income.
The rally sputtered. But it hasn’t reversed. That’s because there are reasons for both optimism and caution.

There is a growing perception that the problems responsible for this bear market have peaked. Inflation has been receding and the Fed might be less aggressive going forward. The market tends to anticipate six to nine months into the future, and it sees lower inflation and the Fed done hiking rates.
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