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We continue to keep things simple, and when you do that, you see that the overall market remains mixed (strong big-cap indexes, weak broad market, etc.) and individual stocks are extremely tricky ... though there remain many setups and it’s not hard to fill up our watch list. Still, we remain cautious overall, holding lots of cash and a few small positions, while waiting patiently for the next big move to start. We are encouraged by the action of the past two days, but it’s far too soon to tell if it’s the real McCoy.

In the Model Portfolio, we’ve sold two small positions since the last issue, though we’re adding one new one tonight (a familiar name that we think is finally ready to perk up). We’ll remain flexible going ahead, willing to jump in or stay mostly on the sideline (68% cash) depending what comes.

Elsewhere in tonight’s issue, we write about a bunch of new ideas, a sector that’s reasserting itself after a two-month rest and remind you to think big -- yes, right now, the news is bad and the market is tedious, but when things get going, there should be big profits to be had.
WHAT TO DO NOW: Remain cautious but stay tuned. The market remains very narrow, with a few powerful stocks but the vast, vast majority of names either in no man’s land or acting poorly. For potential leaders, we see many that had been perking up before running into a wall this week—but not (yet) selling off abnormally. If these names can hold soon and resume their upmoves, we’ll like to add at least a couple (maybe more) to the Model Portfolio. Tonight, though, given the extreme narrowness of the advance, we’ll grit our teeth and sit tight, holding about three-quarters in cash and see if these potential leaders can get moving.

WHAT TO DO NOW: The minefield environment for individual stocks remains in place—today, Academy Sports (ASO), after showing solid support earlier this week, is falling apart with the group after loose peer Foot Locker (FL) is being taken apart on earnings. We’ll dump our remaining shares today. That will leave us with around 74% in cash—there’s a good chance we’ll put some to work next week if the market hangs in there, though with the meat grinder still intact, we won’t jump in heavily until we start to see more individual leaders and major indexes kick into gear.
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