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The market has definitively changed character, with our Cabot Tides and Two-Second Indicator now negative—when combined with breakdowns among leading growth stocks, the odds favor more short-term weakness ahead. We’ve been holding some cash for a while and have boosted that this week, with 37% on the sideline, and we could raise more if the selling continues.

That said, we’re not aiming to hide out in our bunkers--following some short-term pain, the odds favor further long-term gains given the underlying trend and the lack of big-picture abnormal action out there. Thus, having taken partial profits in many names, we’re OK giving them a chance to find support, as some are likely to have another leg up after this downturn. In tonight’s issue, we’re moving a couple more stocks to Hold, hanging onto our cash and writing about many names that are taking the selling in stride and could have upside if the market finds its footing.
WHAT TO DO NOW: Remain cautious as the market’s correction accelerates. Today is another poor day in the market, and while nothing’s changed with the evidence, more stocks are melting away. Today we’re going to sell the rest of our stake in Arista Networks (ANET), which hasn’t been able to get off its knees since last Friday’s decline and is our weakest stock. Our cash position will now be around 44%.
Here are 10 of the soundest rules, tools and principles for selling winning stocks.
For growth stocks, buying low usually doesn’t mean you’re getting a bargain. It usually means you’re buying a laggard! That’s right—believe it or not, in the market, strength tends to lead to strength, while weakness tends to lead to weakness.
So how can you pick stocks that have a good chance to become winners? Interestingly, the best way is by looking backwards!
Here’s how Cabot Trend Lines, Cabot Tides and the 7.5% Rule can keep you on the right side of every market.