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Nobody is going to argue that there aren’t still issues when looking at the market’s evidence. The long-term trend, which by our measures has been down for a full year at this point, is still bearish. The intermediate-term trend remains effectively neutral, with most indexes stuck within two-month ranges. And growth stocks are hit or miss, especially ones that have held up well—while some names that were crushed last year are bouncing, many near their highs are having trouble finding buyers.
WHAT TO DO NOW: The market continues to improve its standing, with our Cabot Tides now positive and, barring a meltdown tomorrow, a green light is likely from our Cabot Trend Lines, too. Individual stocks remain trickier, especially on the growth side of things, so we’re not cannonballing into the pool. But with things looking better we’re continuing with our path of putting money to work. Tonight, we’re adding a new half-sized position in Las Vegas Sands (LVS), filling out our stake in Academy Sports (ASO), and putting another 3% position into ProShares S&P 500 Fund (SSO). That should leave us with around 50% cash; we hope to deploy more of that in the days ahead.
The market got off to an ugly start to the week yesterday, though really not much has changed—the Tides are positive, but not much else is, while individual growth stocks remain hit or miss.
Here are 10 of the soundest rules, tools and principles for selling winning stocks.
For growth stocks, buying low usually doesn’t mean you’re getting a bargain. It usually means you’re buying a laggard! That’s right—believe it or not, in the market, strength tends to lead to strength, while weakness tends to lead to weakness.
So how can you pick stocks that have a good chance to become winners? Interestingly, the best way is by looking backwards!
Here’s how Cabot Trend Lines, Cabot Tides and the 7.5% Rule can keep you on the right side of every market.