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The market has a split tape right now -- on one hand, the broad market is very weak, led lower by the horrid financial sector, but on the other hand, many growth indexes and individual stocks are hanging in there ... with some actually stretching higher. We’re certainly not going to ignore our market timing indicators (Cabot Tides and Two-Second Indicator are negative), but it’s hard to ignore the action in growth, either, especially after last year’s bear and lots of bottoming action. Thus, tonight, we’re adding two half-sized stakes in potential new leaders, but also holding a bit more than half the portfolio in cash.

Elsewhere in the issue, we write about the action of interest rates (likely longer-term positive) and the resilience of growth stocks, along with a full watch list and some new enticing ideas. All in all, we remain flexible, but are still mostly cautious given the evidence.
WHAT TO DO NOW: After cracking on an intermediate-term basis last week, the market has been unable to find its footing this week despite some steps to secure the banking system. It’s not 2008 out there, and in fact, many growth stocks we own and are watching are still holding up well, but there’s no doubt the selling pressures out there are intense and haven’t let up. Tonight, we’re going to sell one-third of what’s left of our ProShares S&P Fund (SSO) position and our half position in Las Vegas Sands (LVS), which will leave us a cash position of around 66%.
The market tried to find support today, but as the hours have passed things continue to open up on the downside, with sharp losses in the indexes (especially the broad market). After last night’s sales we have a good-sized cash position, and today we’re going to sell a bit more, dumping our position in Uber (UBER), which is our weakest remaining stock and whose breakout has failed. Our cash level will now be around 57%. Details below.
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