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Michael Brush

Michael Brush

Chief Analyst, SX Cannabis Advisor

Michael Brush is an award-winning Manhattan-based financial writer who writes a stock market column for MarketWatch. He is editor of Brush Up on Stocks, an investment newsletter. Brush previously covered the stock market, business and economics for the New York Times, the Economist Group, MSN Money, and Money magazine.

Brush attended Columbia University Business School (Knight-Bagehot Fellowship program), and the Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS).

He is the author of Lessons from the Front Line (published by John Wiley), a book offering investing insights based on the experiences of leading professional money managers he’s met on the job.

Brush has received several awards for excellence in journalism including the Best in Business award from the Society of American Business Editors (SABEW), the American Society of Magazine Editors’ National Magazine Award for General Excellence in New Media, and awards for excellence in local news coverage in Pennsylvania, where he started his career.

From this author
Cannabis is the rare industry where sector-moving catalysts can seemingly come out of nowhere, here are 4 that we’re watching closely.
The high-growth cannabis sector continues to be full of rapidly evolving developments that could move our stocks significantly at any moment.

Beyond the potentially transformative changes in the works on legalization, almost all our companies just reported solid third-quarter revenue growth.

That means this issue of the Cabot SX Cannabis Advisor focuses heavily on corporate trends and developments in the company update section, below. The updates are longer than usual, covering the key news events and developments at our companies revealed in quarterly results and other news flow.
Cannabis stocks have been trending lower all year, but I’m looking at 3 cannabis stock catalysts that could arrive sooner than you think.
Yesterday I suggested adding $40,000 of our cash to AdvisorShares Pure US Cannabis (MSOS) with a buy limit of 11.45.
Today I am adding $40,000 of our cash to AdvisorShares Pure US Cannabis (MSOS) with a buy limit of 11.45.
Given the shifting political winds, these catalysts could trigger profitable short-term trades in volatile cannabis stocks.
Election season lurks just around the corner.

The looming midterm outcomes have huge implications for cannabis – since the group is so dependent on legal reform in the hands of politicians.

There are going to be plenty of (tradeable) election-related ups and downs. But for reasons I will explain, cannabis stocks might see some very bullish catalysts near term, no matter which party takes the Congressional elections.
Cannabis stocks have been in a sell-off since February of last year. Here are the 3 most important factors to focus on when they turn around.
Sentiment remains extremely negative towards the cannabis sector and the overall stock market.

You can look at this situation and get depressed. Or you can see it as an opportunity to buy cheaper shares for the long term. Being a contrarian, I prefer to do the latter. I think both cannabis stocks and the broad market are buyable right now. And that’s why I am adding two new positions to the Sector Xpress Cannabis Advisor portfolio today, and rate all our existing stocks “Buys.”

Fundamentally, all is well in the marijuana sector as the industry’s leaders continue to grow, both organically and by acquisition. The average rate of revenue growth for the plant-touching companies in our portfolio in the most recent quarter was an amazing 132% from the previous year.