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Introducing Street Check: Cabot’s First Investment Podcast

Street Check is Cabot’s foray into the world of podcasts. Join us each week as we break down the latest news hitting Wall Street.

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I listen to a lot of podcasts. Sports podcasts (I’m partial to Bill Simmons and Ryen Russillo), movie and TV podcasts (I recommend The Big Picture and The Watch), comedy podcasts, political podcasts, tech industry podcasts, true crime podcasts, even a “true-life” supernatural encounter podcast. It seems like there’s a podcast for everything these days, and that just about everyone has a podcast. Now I have one too.

It’s called Street Check.

What is Street Check? It’s Cabot’s first-ever investment podcast, hosted by me and my colleague Brad Simmerman, Chief Analyst of the Cabot Wealth Daily newsletter. Our goal with this podcast is to have a free-flowing, jargon-free conversation every week about what’s happening in the market that could impact your portfolio, how you should be investing in the current environment, what stocks you should be investing in, what stocks to avoid, and more – all with Cabot’s unique slant on things. That “slant” includes regular guest appearances from our deep stable of Cabot analysts, as well as other guests from the vast investment advice industry.


The conversations you’ll hear on Street Check are the kinds of spirited chats I’ve been having with my Cabot colleagues in the eight years I’ve been with the company – plainspoken, no BS, nuanced, filled with expert insights and opinions. Every time I talk with one of our Cabot editors, all of whom have been in this business for at least a decade, I learn something new.

We’ve already had on options extraordinaire Jacob Mintz to examine what the options market is telling us about where the stock market winds are blowing based on his unusual options activity scanner. Last week, our Chief Investing Strategist Mike Cintolo and small-cap expert Tyler Laundon joined us to talk about signs of life from growth stocks and the emergence of potential new leaders when the next big rally arrives. This week, Cabot Value Investor Chief Analyst Bruce Kaser will come on the show to talk about his pilgrimage to Omaha last weekend for the annual Berkshire Hathaway shareholders meeting.

Eventually, we’ll have on other Cabot analysts – dividend stock guru Tom Hutchinson, micro-cap whiz Rich Howe, Cabot Money Club editor Nancy Zambell, to name a few – plus industry experts from outside Cabot’s “walls.” If there’s someone we think can help you become a better investor, or maybe learn something you hadn’t heard before, we’ll have them on!

But those are just the guests. The constants will be me and Brad.

Who are we? I’ve been with Cabot since 2015, starting as a staff writer and working my way up to Vice President of Content and Chief Analyst of Cabot Stock of the Week, an advisory that every week recommends a new stock from one of seven other Cabot newsletters (formerly run by the great – and now retired – Tim Lutts). I’ve been in this business for more than a decade, getting my foot in the door with a different investment newsletter publisher in 2011 after growing weary of the long hours and small paychecks of being a newspaper reporter.

Brad also has a reporting background, but he was first a stockbroker for Charles Schwab, where he worked with high-net-worth clients and trained dedicated active-trader teams on technical analysis and market mechanics. Brad has a knack for identifying and discussing macro trends that are impacting the investment world – and spotting emerging or future trends that could affect stocks and our portfolios down the road.

I think we make for a good combination. Brad’s deep reservoir of knowledge about macro issues perfectly complements my more plainspoken, informal, friendly-banter approach forged from years of trading in-office barbs with Jacob Mintz, Mike Cintolo, Tyler Laundon and other longtime Cabot needlers/analysts. It’s why I wanted Brad to be my co-pilot when I had the idea for this podcast. I think it works well.

But, of course, you will ultimately be the judge of that! I suggest you give it a try. You can find Street Check wherever you get your podcasts, or simply click on this link if you don’t normally listen to them. Episodes are FREE and “drop” every Friday – we’ve already recorded three of them, with a fourth coming tomorrow. If you like it, please subscribe, give us a five-star rating, hit the “Like” button if you’re watching on YouTube, or leave us a nice comment. Positive feedback is how we will sustain Street Check, help it grow, and keep making it better.

Brad and I may not be Bill Simmons, Marc Maron or Joe Rogan (yet). But I think you’ll enjoy listening to us – and will hopefully take home some profitable investing ideas along the way!


Chris Preston is Cabot Wealth Network’s Vice President of Content and Chief Analyst of Cabot Stock of the Week and Cabot Value Investor .