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Cabot Launches 5 Additional Options Advisories, from Legendary Investor Andy Crowder

Andy Crowder has been making investors money for over two decades with his unique options trading approach. Now, he joins the Cabot team!

Cabot Wealth Network today announces the launch of the Cabot Options Institute, with options trading expert Andy Crowder as Executive Director and Chief Analyst.

Cabot created the Cabot Options Institute to recognize options trading as a hot area of activity in the investing arena, its popularity driven by its ability to deliver profits and hedge risk, while being less capital-intensive than buying and selling stocks. This new set of options-related advisories will not replace our already-thriving Cabot Options Trader, Cabot Options Trader Pro and Cabot Profit Booster options trading advisories, run by the incomparable Jacob Mintz. Rather, Cabot Options Institute will serve as an ideal complement to Jacob’s advisories, featuring a different - and unique - approach to options trading. Jacob and Andy will work together to bring investors an even broader range of options trading opportunities and strategies.

The Cabot Options Institute has acquired, a blog started more than 10 years ago by Andy Crowder to teach individual investors about various options-trading strategies and to show investors how to use Crowder’s high-probability strategies to generate steady and substantial profits while managing downside risk.

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5 New Options Trading Advisories

In addition to continuing Andy Crowder’s blog, Cabot Options Institute has launched a series of free webinars and four subscription trading advisory services. These services include:

Cabot Options Institute Fundamentals

Cabot Options Institute Income Trader

Cabot Options Institute Quant Trader

Cabot Options Institute Earnings Trader

In addition, the Cabot Options Institute Masters Club will include all four of these trading advisory services.

With each of these services, Crowder leverages different techniques and strategies, all built on a foundation of high-probability trades—trades with an 80% or better chance of success. These services include weekly video calls with Andy Crowder, who will explain the trades he is currently recommending and how to conduct them.

Who is Andy Crowder Anyway?

Andy Crowder’s options-trading strategies are based on three basic ideas:

  1. Probabilities
  2. Mean reversion
  3. Active risk management

After decades of working with thousands of investors, Andy discovered that most investors are not looking for a “get rich quick” scheme or a foolproof method of trading options (there isn’t one!). What investors crave is a realistic options-trading method with a foundation in statistics, a method that uses the same strategies options professionals use: Option strategies based purely on probabilities, not emotional bias, and options strategies that employ capital-preservation techniques (proper position sizing and adjustments).

But more important, investors want options strategies that produce consistent gains month after month, year after year—with the confidence that unnecessary risks aren’t being taken, but rather a mechanical, statistically-based set of rules are used for each and every decision.

“Andy Crowder has been trading options, and teaching others how to do so, for more than two decades,” says Ed Coburn, Chairman and CEO of Cabot Wealth Network. “Andy has traded for top Wall Street firms as well as major institutional investors using his high-probability trading strategies to generate enormous profits.”

“For a long-established company like Cabot, we are delighted to land someone of Andy’s stature and experience. Our customers have come to rely on us for solid, proven insights and investing strategies. Andy is really a part of the first generation of options super traders, which is why he has developed such an enormous following. We are delighted to be able to establish the Cabot Options Institute with Andy to bring his knowledge and options-trading advice to an even wider audience.”

For his part, Andy is pleased to take the reins of the Cabot Options Institute.

“I am very excited to be associated with the highly reputable and established organization Cabot Wealth Network, and to have the opportunity to launch these services is very rewarding. With these services and the ongoing trading education, investors are empowered to make options an important part of their diversified investment portfolio,” Andy says.

Andy likens his system of high-probability trading to a casino or insurance company. Yes, the casino can sustain some losses, but they know that over time, the probability favors them and they will win more than they lose.

“My system makes you the casino, putting the odds solidly in your favor. It doesn’t mean you’ll win every time—but over time, you will come out substantially ahead.”

To learn more about Cabot Options Institute’s new advisory services go to


Chris Preston is Cabot Wealth Network’s Vice President of Content and Chief Analyst of Cabot Stock of the Week and Cabot Value Investor .