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September 2023
The expanding senior population is a major demographic trend that’s driving higher costs in senior living and senior care services across the country. If you’re retired (or planning to), unexpectedly high living expenses can put your entire retirement picture in doubt. This month, let’s explore assisted and unassisted living options for seniors, how to plan for those expenses even as they climb, and important factors to consider before you shake up your living situation. Plus, we’ll pick a few of the best-looking stocks taking advantage of the trend.
Buying aggressive stocks can help you outperform the market and lead to a richer retirement, but it’s got its risks and you need to know the pros and cons before you dive in.
Inflation’s bullish impact on precious metals prices has been held back by dollar strength. That could be changing.
Many U.S. investors see electric vehicle (EV) trends locally, but the truth is it’s a global phenomena and there’s a lot of value to be found overseas.
The new bull market is certainly a rising tide, but it isn’t lifting all boats equally yet. Here are three undervalued micro-cap stocks being ignored by the market.
Small-cap value stocks have underperformed both their growth peers and large-cap stocks for years. We don’t know if that will change going forward, but this value stock is intriguing regardless.
Between record state-level cannabis sales, improving price compression and positive polling, there are signs of hope that cannabis stocks may finally get out of the doldrums.
When volatility is low, selling options becomes less profitable but buying them becomes more affordable. Here’s my favorite options strategy for that environment.
Including “AI” in your earnings calls was a cheat code for companies in the first half of the year, but investors ultimately need to see those efforts monetized, and it’s already starting.
Although it’s lost some steam in August, we remain in a “rolling” bull market, and traders should invest accordingly.
A combination of supply cuts and rising demand is finally lifting oil prices after a year of decline, these three stocks can help you capitalize on the rebound in crude.