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July 2024
We may hate to talk (or even think) about it, but we all understand the importance of proper estate planning. And if you’ve spent a lifetime accumulating assets to pass down to those you love, the next best thing you can do is to make sure you’ve taken the right steps to avoid leaving your heirs with a headache on top of their inheritance. This month, let’s explore the steps you can take right now to help make sure your wishes are honored and that your family doesn’t spend months or even years duking it out in court.
It’s something of a running joke online, but can you actually make the case that Representative Pelosi and the man behind the GameStop saga are two of the greatest traders in history?
Almost all of the positive performance of the last few years has been driven by large-cap growth stocks, but that doesn’t mean investors have missed the boat. Here are three that I like now.
There are a number of unique risks that apply only to options trading, but there’s one kind of risk (that’s outside your control) that should give you pause if you’re thinking about trading 0-day options.
Both stocks have been strong performers in recent years and trade at elevated valuations, but which stock belongs in your portfolio: Costco (COST) or Nvidia (NVDA)?
Cannabis stocks are well off their 2024 highs, but investors are discounting four major catalysts that offer hope for the sector in the year ahead.
There’s no shortage of opinions on stock valuations these days, but instead of listening to them, pay attention to the market itself.
2024’s bull market has raised investor sentiment around IPOs, and that’s boosting the prospects of these newly (or almost) public companies.
Nvidia (NVDA) and Microsoft (MSFT) are neck-and-neck in the race for the largest publicly traded company in the world. Here’s what it will take for Nvidia to break away.
These two aerospace stocks are flying under Wall Street’s radar but are checking off my “3 Rs” growth stock criteria just the same.
The original meme stock rally was a strange time in the market, and the fact that we’re seeing a repeat of it is stranger still. So, do we need to worry that it’ll play out in the same way and put an end to the bull market?