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Carl Delfeld

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Harvard’s endowment is massive (and profitable) with exposure to a wide range of assets. So how do we invest like Harvard University? Here’s one place to start.
The “new tycoons” may not be the railroad barons of old, but they share a dedication to finding opportunity. Here are 10 ways you can invest like a “new tycoon.”
This morning, from Normandy to Washington, D.C., there will be ceremonies honoring the 80th anniversary of D-Day. Now, we are amidst a different type of struggle, and semiconductor chips are at the heart of it all. And today’s new Explorer recommendation is one of the more important cogs in that global struggle.
Domestic equities are trading at fresh all-time highs, which makes it a smart time to hedge risk and diversify your portfolio by adding exposure to international stocks.
Going back to 1960, nearly 85% of the cumulative total return of the S&P 500 Index can be attributed to reinvested dividends. And that’s why today we’re adding a new high-yield fund to the portfolio that gives us exposure to fast-growing overseas markets.
These 3 solid-state battery stocks aren’t all pure plays, but they’re all investing heavily in next-generation battery technology that could change the game.
Herbert Hunt’s legacy may be buying silver, but his story offers important lessons for us all. Right now, that lesson is the importance of understanding commodity cycles.
As many analysts focus on inflation and the job market, they miss that earnings per share for companies in the S&P 500 for the first quarter now look to be up 5.2% from a year earlier, according to FactSet. Since profits and profit growth are the lifeblood of an economy and stock market, it pays to watch them closely.

For this week’s new idea, we go to a Canadian-based company focused on a different resource and technology crucial to North America and beyond.
With domestic equities trading at high valuations, buying international stocks is an opportunity to get ahead of the crowd, hedge risk and diversify your portfolio.
A new generation of smaller, more efficient nuclear reactors is once again making nuclear energy a part of the alternative energy conversation. Here’s my favorite way to play the trend.
The arrival of AI and widespread demographic trends are rapidly increasing the pace of workforce automation, and these two robot stocks are well positioned to benefit.
Tech stocks steadied a bit this week as quarterly earnings started coming in. Sea (SE) was up this week on two analyst upgrades. Super Micro (SMCI) will report crucial quarterly earnings early next week.

The Explorer’s one current European stock recommendation is Danish drugmaker Novo Nordisk (NVO). It has passed French luxury group LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton to become Europe’s most valuable company.
MP Materials (MP), a rare earths mine and processor, is down about 11% this morning.
European stocks are trading at multi-decade lows relative to U.S. stocks. This presents a prime opportunity to hedge risk, reduce volatility, and diversify your portfolio.
Inflation appears stuck at a much higher level than acceptable for the Federal Reserve so lower interest rates are on pause. Gold is one beneficiary.

This means that some high-flyer tech stocks may be vulnerable. Meanwhile, Japanese stocks remain near all-time highs.

Fortunately, we have exposure to both gold and Japan in the Explorer portfolio, and today we add to that exposure.
The bull market rages on, and technology stocks continue to garner most of the headlines, some of which we’ll examine today. But our new recommendation isn’t some go-go artificial intelligence play: it’s a small-cap U.S. titanium maker that’s off to a very fast start (+56%) in 2024 ... with plenty more runway ahead.
With uncertainty swirling around the proposed acquisition of U.S. Steel by Nippon Steel, how can investors profit from the possible outcomes?
Bitcoin is sometimes referred to as “digital gold,” but investors should also have some of the real stuff. As J.P. Morgan put it, “Gold is money. Everything else is credit.” So today, with gold prices on the rise, we add exposure to the yellow metal in the form of a low-risk streaming and royalty company.
You may have noticed that last week when Nvidia (NDVA) announced its earnings, its stock rose 16% while Explorer recommendation Super Micro Computer (SMCI) went up 32%.

This is consistent with my view that Super Micro is a leveraged bet on artificial intelligence (AI), and I expect this will also be the case when Nvidia’s stock price moves the other way. Nvidia is now priced at an incredible 32 times trailing annual sales and has a larger market cap than Germany’s entire blue-chip DAX index. Super Micro has already tripled in 2024 so consider taking partial profits. Remember, J.P. Morgan allegedly stated that he made his greatest profits by selling too soon.
Nippon Steel has offered to acquire U.S. Steel (X), but the bid is politically fraught, and the outcome likely lies in the hands of voters.
Studies show that most investors get caught up in panic selling when positions move against them. You can prevent that by having a plan in place to manage the risk in your portfolio, and these four tips can help.
A timber investment can help reinforce your portfolio against inflation while adding some highly valuable diversification. This timber REIT and ETF are a good place to start.
Once a storied American conglomerate, General Electric (GE) has struggled for years and is now in the midst of a turnaround, but is General Electric now a buy?
The latest earnings reports were mixed but generally encouraging.

The S&P 500 exceeding the 5,000 mark reminds us that while our dynamic economy leads to disruptions in companies and markets, and Fed interest rate moves can impact the market, it is revenue and earnings growth that really drives stock returns over time. Companies normally become more profitable over time, and that’s what leads to higher stock prices. Staying in the market and leveraging the power of compounding returns is important to successful investing.

So today, we expand our portfolio by starting a small position in a brand new asset class.
The Federal Reserve held interest rates steady and signaled it is open to cutting later this year, especially if economic growth and employment slow in an election year. Big tech earnings so far are a mixed bag and below elevated expectations.

But cybersecurity companies have been resilient due to ever-growing demand. And today, we add a familiar cybersecurity name to the Explorer portfolio.
With Japan overheating and China in the doldrums, South Korea may be the Asian investing play for 2024. Here are five ways to play it.
While every situation is different, a pretty good rule of thumb for investors is to look for stocks of well-run companies with solid fundamentals in a sector that has been out of favor. Then check that the stock is in an uptrend with clear catalysts that support a further rise in its stock price.

Today, we add a stock that checks all those boxes.
Although markets have stumbled a bit out of the gate, investors looking to see the S&P 500 build on the 11% advance in the final quarter of 2023 may not have long to wait. U.S. companies are due to start reporting results next week, with the big banks leading the way.

An election year like 2024 with a sitting president running is historically a bullish scenario for U.S. stocks. Since 1949, the S&P 500 is averaging a gain of nearly 13% in those election years, per the Stock Trader’s Almanac.

So let’s kick off the year by adding another aggressive growth stock.
South Korean stocks are in the midst of a solid uptrend to start the new year and these five stocks are a prime way to play it.
In our final Explorer issue of 2023, we add a new artificial intelligence play whose revenues are on track to expand by nearly 50% this year, and whose share price has more than tripled YTD - and yet trades well below its July highs. Back on the upswing, it’s worth buying now.

Enjoy, and happy holidays!