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Income Trader
Reliable Income From Time-Tested Strategies
We locked in a return of 3.9% in GDX and 3.8% in KO last week and, if all goes as planned, look to lock in even more in PFE this week. Moreover, I plan on continuing to wheel both GDX and KO, so expect to see trade alerts for both stocks as I intend on selling a few puts.

Lastly, if the market cooperates and pulls back a bit from its current short-term overbought state, I intend on adding a few short-term trades to the mix, mostly by selling puts, but we could see an appearance of a jade lizard. Stay tuned!
Cabot Options Institute Income Trader is focused exclusively on the creating consistent income through a variety of options selling strategies. Whether you have questions about selling puts, covered strangles, jade lizards or our income wheel approach, Andy is more than happy to help you steepen your learning curve in this live event.
As part of the Income Wheel approach, we allowed our GDX calls to expire in the money at expiration last week. As a result, our shares were “called” away at the price of 26, and we locked in 3.87% on the trade.