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Income Trader
Reliable Income From Time-Tested Strategies
The slow and steady approach continues to work in all market environments. We continue to tack on small gains each and every week via laddering. By laddering the expiration cycles of our positions, we have been able to collect income each and every week. This week, we locked in and added 2.3% to our total returns. Doesn’t sound like much to the uninitiated, but for those participating in the strategy our Income Trader portfolio continues to shine with a total return of 161.5%.

And it doesn’t stop there.
Cabot Options Institute Income Trader is focused exclusively on the creating consistent income through a variety of options selling strategies. Whether you have questions about selling puts, covered strangles, jade lizards or our income wheel approach, Andy is more than happy to help you steepen your learning curve in this live event.
Just a quick heads up, I’ll be adding several new positions early next week. We currently have four positions in the portfolio and my immediate goal is to get back up to between six and eight positions using our ladder-based approach for consistent, weekly income.