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Income Trader
Reliable Income From Time-Tested Strategies
As the February 17, 2023 expiration cycle nears we are in good shape to make some decent profits from our current positions. In fact, there is a good chance that we will have an opportunity to buy back a few of our positions this week and immediately sell more premium. Moreover, I intend on adding one to two new trades to the mix this week; of course, as always, Mr. Market will help to dictate our path.
Cabot Options Institute Income Trader is focused exclusively on the creating consistent income through a variety of options selling strategies. Whether you have questions about selling puts, covered strangles, jade lizards or our income wheel approach, Andy is more than happy to help you steepen your learning curve in this live event.
We allowed our January 20, 2023, 60 puts to expire worthless. As a result, per our Income Wheel guidelines, we will remain mechanical and sell more puts in KO today.