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Finding Investing Research and Recommendations from Trusted Sources

Hyperbole, partisanship, borrowed interest, and other BS aren’t a basis for identifying trusted investing research or choosing an investment newsletter.

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If you’re like me, your inbox receives plenty of breathless, hyperbolic emails from investment newsletter publishers that are designed to scare you into buying their services.

Now, I freely admit I am not an objective observer, but our focus is and always has been on investing research and making our subscribers more successful investors. Many of the so-called competitors seem more concerned about finding ways to shock or scare you into giving them your money than about how to actually help you invest more profitably.


As evidence, I pulled a number of examples from my inbox this morning so you can judge for yourself:

Example #1: Hyperbole

America’s violent end just began…

Government officials and establishment elites don’t want you to look at this chart.

Because what it shows is the cause of the chain reaction, currently underway, that’s causing major bank failures and America’s credit rating to be downgraded…

Which could soon turn into a wave of violence that has no precedent in our nation’s history.

Do yourself a favor. Before it’s taken offline (which could happen at any time), check out this follow-up documentary to “End of America.”

I’ve seen in the past just how far powerful people will go to silence me.

I don’t know ANY financial newsletter publishers, certainly including myself, who are on the radar of ANY “establishment elites” let alone that they are trying silence. That’s just silly. Why would ridiculous claims and stirring up unrelated fear make anyone trust these people to provide expert investing advice?

Example #2

WARNING: These 110 Banks Are Planning to Replace the U.S. Dollar

Please, pay close attention because if your bank is on this “blacklist” with 110 banks, your entire life savings could be at risk. According to this famous banker, you must move your cash before November 1… Or risk losing everything.

This was a popular theme that a number of publishers have latched onto recently. Scary words like “blacklist” or ideas like “losing everything” are there to catch your attention, but the idea that banks could replace the dollar, even if they wanted to, is such a stretch of what’s going on that it’s ridiculous.

Example #3

Stock-Picking Genius Has a Warning for America

[Expert’s Name] identified Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Apple, and Nvidia when they were trading at a fraction of where they are today. Now, one unstoppable trend is about to up-end most of what makes America America. Many people will be left unemployed and picking up the pieces. According to [Expert’s Name] chilling warning to America, there may still be time to get ahead of this.

Cabot’s stock-picking experts are experts at … (wait for it) … stock picking. That’s what they do. We don’t do hyperbolic warnings and we leave the cultural and political observations to people who are experts.

Example #4: Partisanship

Former Banking Regulator Blows The Whistle On Biden’s Plan To Take Control Of U.S. Citizens’ Bank Accounts

… he’s risking his career and maybe even his safety to bring you this warning.

Let me get this straight, The U.S. government is preparing to seize our bank accounts and the only person who knows about it is this one newsletter writer? And, as retribution for him revealing this evil plan, they are going to get him fired or killed? Aside from sounding like delusional paranoia, I’m not sure why any of it would make me feel like he can provide me with trusted investing information.

Example #5

Phishing websites are rife.

They’re the fake sites where cyber criminals try to trick you into giving away login credentials or other sensitive data.

The sites never stay up for long. But you’ll never guess how long the average phishing site is online for.

Here’s a fact guaranteed to shock you. Watch the video and read the article below to know more

Yes, phishing is a problem so I have no issue with that, and perhaps I will even be shocked as they claim. I’m just not sure why this would make me turn to this guy for investing advice.

Example #6: Borrowed Interest

A legendary investor just released this shocking footage from the streets of San Francisco.

And it reveals Elon Musk’s “project Omega.”

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, it’s not your fault.

The corrupt mainstream media isn’t covering this story.

Elon Musk is well-known and controversial so makes great clickbait. As for credibility, this comment seems to sum it up nicely: “It looks like total bs made up by people trying to sell stock advice services in a sleazy and lazy way, to people like us. … My suspicion is that Elon himself had to google what the hell these people are talking about! LOL!”

I think I’ve made my point. There’s a lot of mediocre advice and non-experts out there that are propped up by a lot of marketing BS.

What Makes Cabot Wealth Network’s Investing Research Different

There are other good publications out there and Cabot Wealth Network is absolutely in the top tier. Over the past 53 years, as hundreds of thousands of investors have relied on Cabot’s experts to help them invest more successfully, an industry of investing publishers has grown up around us.

And we are 100% funded by subscribers to our advisory services. We have never and will never accept fees from anyone trying to sell you stocks, alternative investments or other investing-related services. That’s a guarantee.

I would be delighted to have you as a customer of Cabot Wealth Network and am confident we will help you be a better investor.

To get you started on the road to better investing, our next FREE webinar is Dividend Growth & Megatrends: 2 Ways to Win the Long Game in Uncertain Markets, presented by Tom Hutchinson, on Thursday, November 9 at 2 PM ET. It is completely free and you can sign up here.


Ed Coburn has run Cabot Wealth Network since 2018 when he bought the company from longtime friend and colleague Tim Lutts. Ed is a graduate of Cornell University and holds an MBA from the Olin School of Management at Babson College. His career has brought him into many different sectors of the economy, from software and healthcare to transportation and manufacturing, and even oil spills. He is active in the Financial Media Association, a past Director of the Software & Information Industry Association, a member of the American Association of Individual Investors, and a frequent speaker at industry events.