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How to Profit from Investing Webinars

Attending an investing webinar can be a great source of stock picks and strategies. Here’s how to turn those lessons into profits in your own portfolio.

Investing concepts on a chalkboard, learning how to profit from investing webinars

As regular readers are no doubt aware, Cabot’s team of analysts hosts a series of ongoing free webinars in which they share their current stance on the market, teach investing techniques, and even offer some of their favorite individual stock picks.

Although they would have been impossible when Cabot was founded over 50 years ago, these investing webinars very much embody the ethos behind Cabot’s founding: To help individual investors reach their financial goals through expert insight and education.


If you’re one of the thousands of Cabot readers who have previously attended our webinars, thank you! Our hope is always that you leave the webinars happy, better informed than when you first signed on, and with a few profitable stock picks in your back pocket.

But if you’ve never attended a live investing webinar and are unsure about what to expect or how to implement the strategies discussed in your own portfolio, this message is for you.

When you attend your first webinar you can maximize its value by approaching it with one of three mindsets: Introductory, Educational, or Actionable.

The Introductory Approach to Investing Webinars

The Introductory mindset is just that, an opportunity to introduce yourself to new analysts, new investing styles, new themes or new techniques.

For instance, if you’ve never traded options before, an investing webinar on options strategies is a great place to dive into all things options. You’ll be exposed to new terminology, you can learn more about how options work, how professional options traders use them to gain leverage or reduce risk, and hopefully gain more insight into whether or not options trading is for you.

If you’re considering subscribing to an analyst’s advisory, these webinars are also a great way to see the analysts in action, learn more about their personalities, and discover if their investing style meshes with your own.

The important part to keep in mind about approaching with an Introductory mindset is that you’re just there to test the waters, you don’t need to walk away from the webinar with a complete understanding of the strategy or the pressure to take immediate action in your portfolio. (Although previously recorded webinars are available on our website if you’d like to tune in for a repeat viewing to better understand the stocks or strategies.)

The Educational Approach to Investing Webinars

When you adopt the Educational mindset going into a webinar, you should approach it the way you would with any professional or educational seminar: You’re there to learn!

This means taking a few minutes to prepare ahead of time. Your desk, or couch (or wherever you’re watching from) should ideally be free from distraction and you should be prepared to take the occasional note. After all, your goal with the Educational mindset is to walk away having learned something new that you can implement in your portfolio.

The most important thing you can do, however, is ask any questions that come to mind. Our investing webinars feature Q&A sessions at the end that invite attendees to ask whatever questions they might have.

If you’re unsure of the mechanics of a particular strategy that’s covered, the Q&A portion is your chance to drill down on it for more clarity. A strategy you don’t fully understand is not a strategy that is going to lead to long-term returns. The Educational mindset is also where archived webinars really come into play; if you missed something the first time around, it’s easy to go back and review the presentation.

The Actionable Approach to Investing Webinars

If you take the Actionable mindset into a webinar, you’re in luck. This is the easiest mindset to adopt. You simply take the picks and run! That doesn’t mean buying up the picks hand over fist. Rather, you’re leveraging the research that Cabot analysts have already done for you and identifying new candidates for further investigation or your watch list.

And here’s the thing: We’re happy to have attendees take our best research and run. For those attendees, we always hope that the research and results speak for themselves, and we know that many investors have already spent years honing their own systems and strategies and may not need or want to learn more.

But for investors who may need more of a helping hand, there’s another way to approach the Actionable mindset, which is to use these webinars to help decide whether subscribing to one of Cabot’s many advisories is right for them.

If you regularly read Mike Cintolo’s (or any analyst’s) content and have been considering subscribing to an advisory, you can use these investing webinars as a further step in your decision-making process. Some of Cabot’s longest-tenured subscribers have developed multi-decade relationships with our analysts (which we love), so you can almost think of these webinars as a “first date.”

To see which webinar is coming next or access any of our archived webinars, click here.


Brad Simmerman is the Editor of Cabot Wealth Daily, the award-winning free daily advisory.