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June 2024
Graduation season is upon us, and today’s high school and college graduates are about to embark on their first forays into the “real” world. We’ve put together this guide to share with the graduates in your life to help them learn how to tackle debt, make smarter financial decisions, and learn how to save and invest for a bright financial future. If you find your saving and spending don’t align with your long-term goals, these tips can help you too!
What does the NFL Draft have to do with options trading? Actually, more than you might think.
You’re faced with a lot of choices when planning for retirement, but breaking your approach into two phases can help simplify the decisions you need to make.
Reinvesting dividends offers you the extra earning power of compounding, but if you’re on the fence about it, here are a few other factors to consider.
Domestic equities are trading at fresh all-time highs, which makes it a smart time to hedge risk and diversify your portfolio by adding exposure to international stocks.
Growing tensions in the Middle East have drastically raised freight rates, likely leading to meaningful revenue and earnings growth for shipping companies, and pushing their stock prices to 52-week highs.
Rescheduling progress, a second major catalyst on the horizon and buyable sector weakness all point to significant upside ahead for marijuana stocks.
With gold prices rising, gold stocks are rising even faster, and long-term macro conditions may be signaling even higher prices in the future.
Diversifying your portfolio means more than just buying stocks and bonds. Here’s why you should consider diversifying your investments while making stocks a core holding.
It’s not a value stock in the classical sense, but with the bad news priced in, investors saw Tesla (TSLA) for what it is, a great company trading at a fair price.
With persistent inflation, the metals markets have experienced a veritable gold rush. Here are two ways to add exposure to the yellow metal.