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February 2024
From stamps and coins to art, cards, cars and even wine, collectibles have been rapidly growing their share of the global financial markets. And while some portfolio managers may position them as “alternative assets,” are collectibles even really investments? More importantly, are they worth your hard-earned money? This month, let’s look at the trends of the booming (and busting) collectibles market.
2023 was the exclamation point on a decade of outperformance by growth stocks, but investors would do well to keep these six things in mind before writing off value investing altogether.
AI dominated the media and the stock market in 2023, but what revolutionary new tech product will take the reins in 2024? Allow me to make a case for flying cars.
After a dominant run in 2023, are any of the Magnificent Seven stocks still worth buying today? For most of them, the technicals say “yes.”
With Japan overheating and China in the doldrums, South Korea may be the Asian investing play for 2024. Here are five ways to play it.
Gold has been moving in fits and starts for the last several years, but evidence is building that this may finally be the year that bulls take control.
2024 is setting up to be a promising year for cannabis companies and investors, and these three reasons are just the beginning.
Investors forgot all about defensive stocks in the 2023 market rally, but these two oversold dividend stocks look poised for 2024.
There’s no telling what 2024 has in store, but these are my three market predictions for the year ahead.
While AI seized the headlines in 2023, software stocks have been performing well in their own right. Here are three small caps I like right now.
I’m not a proponent of Bitcoin or cryptocurrency, but an intriguing signal had me convinced it’d outperform Microsoft in the year ahead.