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Introducing Cabot’s Weekly Market Review

I wrote to you a few months ago about our venture into video. Today, I’m presenting you with Cabot’s very first weekly stock market review with Michael Cintolo.

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Weekly Stock Market Review

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Last April, I wrote to you about our new initiative on the social networking Web site Twitter, where I can be found under the name IconoInvestor (a nod to Cabot’s blog name, The Iconoclast Investor, which is in turn a nod to our iconoclastic approach to investing).

In the months since I introduced you to Twitter, I’ve found lots of insightful investors to follow and made connections with some really smart people I would have never “met” without this social network. If you haven’t tried Twitter yet, I invite you to give it a whirl; you never know what or who you might find.

In addition to Twitter, we’ve recently created a Facebook fanpage. (Link can be found below.) As information sharing continues to evolve from the days of the once-daily newspaper to up-to-the-minute updates on the Internet, Cabot is evolving with it.

I appreciate all of the new outlets we have to share information and connect with like-minded individuals, however, I know that it can feel daunting to slog through all the noise to find the really good nuggets of knowledge.

When I first opened my Twitter account for Cabot, I received the following message from a reader:

Dear Elyse,

Now twitter--you are putting out too much extraneous information in too many places. Cabot used to be about stock picking and very good stock picking, I might add. Now there are nine different newsletters, plus CWA and the blog. I spend six hours a day watching the stock market, researching charts and trying to keep up with all the email updates from Cabot. I hate to not read anything Cabot writes because I might miss some really important info, but I wish info could be sent out on just one venue. I don’t even know what Twitter is except that it is like MySpace or Facebook, which I don’t use either. Enough of my rant.

Have a really great day,


I responded to Rod right away, and I want to share my response with you:

Good morning Rod,

Thanks for your comment. I completely empathize with your remark about feeling overwhelmed by the sheer volume of information available today. As far as Cabot reaching outside its traditional channels, we’re trying to connect with our readers in as many ways as we can. One way is to explore new technology and social media, especially as our readers express a desire for us to participate in these channels. I hope this helps. Thanks again for your insights.


I’m sure other readers have noted Cabot’s expansion outside the traditional newsletter format, while some have been happy about the changes, others are no doubt feeling similar to Rod. But I can assure you that no matter what medium Cabot is reaching you in, whether it be in a newsletter, on our Web site, our blog or Twitter, you can always expect the same high-quality information and standards that we have applied to our investment advice for nearly four decades.

And on that note, I invite you to become a fan of Cabot on Facebook by clicking here (check out the photos of our office and put a face with all of our names): . You can also follow me on Twitter by clicking here:

And as always, feel free to send feedback via any of those channels or by simply replying to this email. Hearing from our readers is the best way for us to know if we’re doing all we can to serve your needs. (Plus we love getting fan mail!)

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Also on the technology front, I wrote to you a few months ago about our venture into video, which was then taking the form of Webinars--or online seminars.

Today, I’m presenting you with Cabot’s very first weekly stock market review with Michael Cintolo, editor of Cabot Market Letter and Cabot Top Ten Report.

In the video, Mike gives a market wrap-up for the last week and talks about the importance of certain earnings reports next week. Stocks discussed include Trina Solar (TSL), Chipotle Mexican Grill (CMG), Cree (CREE), Google (GOOG), Intuitive Surgical (ISRG), United States Steel (X) and Marvel Technology (MRVL). Enjoy!

Mike recently joined Twitter as well and you can follow his market insights here:

(If China and the emerging markets are more your speed, you can follow Paul Goodwin, editor of the #1 rated Cabot China & Emerging Markets Report, on Twitter here: )

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Everyone wants to own the next Microsoft, the next Apple, the next Google, but they don’t want to put in the effort to do the research.

The exception is Thomas Garrity, editor of Cabot Small-Cap Confidential. Tom Garrity is a research junkie who delves into the inner workings of a company like no one else we know. For example, his winners in 2009 include these little-known companies:

Abiomed (ABMD), which climbed from 5 to 11.
Acorn Energy (ACFN), which zoomed from 2 to 8.
Silicom (SILC), which climbed from 4 to 10.
Staar Surgical (STAA), which climbed from 1 to 4.
UQM Technologies (UQM), which climbed from 1 to 6.

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In case you didn’t get a chance to read all the issues of Cabot Wealth Advisory this week and want to catch up on any investing and stock tips you might have missed, I have links below to each issue.

Cabot Wealth Advisory 1/11/10 - Death of an Heiress

On Monday, spurred by the recent death of heiress Casey Johnson, Timothy Lutts discussed the history of Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) and the company’s 67-year old credo. Despite its rich history, JNJ probably isn’t a good growth investment right now, so instead, Tim recommended what he calls “The Next Pfizer.” Featured stock: Warner Chilcott (WCRX).


Cabot Wealth Advisory 1/14/10 - Two Positions on Google vs. China

On Thursday, Paul Goodin discussed the recent news that Google (GOOG) is considering pulling out of the China market (FYI: Paul Goodwin is the editor of Cabot China & Emerging Markets Report, which snagged big gains in Baidu (BIDU) this week on Google’s news.) Paul also discussed investor sentiment and stock market timing. And he finished by recommending another high-potential China stock. Featured stock: VisionChina Media (VISN).


Until next time,

Elyse Andrews
Editor of Cabot Wealth Advisory

Editor’s Note: If you want more of Mike Cintolo’s expert advice, as seen in the video above, you should consider the Cabot Market Letter, our flagship publication. Cabot Market Letter was recently named to Hulbert Financial Digest’s Honor Roll for performance in both good times and bad. We use our proven market timing indicators to stay on the right side of the market’s trend, putting us in cash when the market is negative and getting us fully invested in the top growth stocks when the market is trending up. Join us today!


Elyse Andrews, is a contributor and former editor of Cabot Wealth Daily, focusing on educational topics on finance, the stock market and individual stocks.