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Elephant Talk Communications, Inc. (ETAK)

Up 61% since Konrad Kuhn’s January recommendation, the small cap Elephant Talk Communications is this year’s best-performing Top Pick so far.Elephant Talk Communications,...

Elephant Talk Communications, Inc. (ETAK), an international provider of business software and services to the telecommunications and financial services industry, is on the verge of providing access to mobile cloud, with the ability to secure process transactions through the ‘mobile wallet.’

“Recently, Google announced plans for the Google Wallet and that particular wave of the future is coming soon. Providing the technology for mobile payments is one thing, but consumers need to be made aware of the security enhancements ETAK offers, which will make the mobile wallet and the stock’s (up 63% since January and 167% since our first recommendation) first target price of $6.00 a reality. Of the 100 million shares outstanding, about 68% are held by insiders. With a mobile wallet, the consumer will be able to wave or touch a mobile phone at a store terminal both to pay and receive discounts and coupons as part of one transaction.

“The Elephant’s ‘enormous’ global secure mobile cell communications presence, together with ValidSoft, the first and only mobile security software to be granted the rigorous European Privacy Seal by EuroPriSe (cutting-edge solutions to counter electronic fraud), makes the revolutionary mobile wallet technology realistic. In fact, ETAK is already in the process of providing security services for Near Field Communications (NFC) on which the mobile wallet is based, and will offer one of the first fully-integrated mobile wallets. Furthermore, ETAK has begun integrating NFC technology into their mobile platform. This will allow mobile operators to immediately start offering their services without having to worry about all the time, costs and risk elements involved in upgrading their legacy back office systems to be NFC-ready. We would continue to Add/Buy the stock as ETAK’s software as a service model has the potential to generate billions of dollars in revenues as mobile payment volume is expected to ascend to $1 trillion by 2014. Ultimate target 9.00-10.00.”

Konrad Kuhn, The KonLin Letter, 6/11

Konrad J. Kuhn is the recipient of the 2011 National Small Public Company Leadership Council Annual Award, and is a co-founder and chairperson of Independent Group Home Living, Inc. (IGHL). As editor and publisher of The KonLin Letter, a subscriber-based monthly published by KonLin Research & Analysis Corp. since 1982, Kuhn is a leading analyst who picks low-priced stocks with significant profit-making potential.