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2 for 1 Stock Split Newsletter

2 for 1 is a monthly publication following an IRA account owned by its editor and publisher, Neil Macneale III. The 2 for 1 account and the newsletter were initiated in 1996. Motivated by the goal of beating the S&P 500 while keeping concepts extremely simple, Macneale developed an investment...

2 for 1®, the Stock Split Newsletter follows Neil Macneale’s personal IRA account. The account contains the 30 individual stocks that make up the 2 for 1 Index. Created in 1996, the Index is comprised solely of stocks that have recently announced a 2 for 1 (or higher) stock split. The newsletter is published monthly and contains commentary on recent split announcements and a selection of the one new stock to be added to the Index that month. A report on the stock that is to be removed from the index and sold from the portfolio is also included. The back page of each issue contains the monthly statement of the actual IRA account and a graph of the performance of the portfolio over the last 19 years. With no money added or withdrawn, and including all costs and dividends, the 2 for 1 model portfolio has returned approximately 11% per year annualized, the exact number varying up or down on a daily basis.

Subscribers to 2 for 1 can create their own 2 for 1 portfolio and follow the newsletter’s recommendations closely, or simply use the monthly list of split announcements as a starting point for their own analysis. The key to the success of the Index and the portfolio is the exploitation of The Stock Split Advantage. This is the fact that a stock split announcement signals the probable outperformance of that stock vs. the market for a period of up to three years.

Neil Macneale III is the major stock holder of Neil Macneale, Inc, the owner of the 2 for 1 Index® and the publisher of 2 for 1®, the stock split newsletter. He lives with his wife in Menlo Park, California in the house they bought 41 years ago. Born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio, Macneale came to California to go to Stanford and never looked back. After graduating with a degree in Political Science, then serving for two+ years in the VISTA program, Macneale went into the construction business as a general contractor, field superintendent, and then home inspector. In 1996 Macneale qualified with the SEC and the State of California as a Registered Investment Advisor and began writing the 2 for 1 Stock Split Newsletter. In 2014, Macneale licensed the 2 for 1 Index to USCF Advisers for their use in the management of their Stock Split Index Fund (NYSE: TOFR). The 2 for 1 Index and newsletter now take up about half his time, with the rest spent buying and fixing up old houses “just for fun”.