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July 2023
With airline and cruise bookings eclipsing pre-pandemic levels, it appears that vacationers’ pent-up travel demands are finally being unleashed in this “revenge travel” summer. Here’s how you can save money as you tick a few items off your own travel bucket list and profit from the most in-demand travel companies.
7 mega-cap tech stocks have thrived this year, driving the S&P into a new bull market, value investors are better served looking at the other 493.
Inflation’s bullish impact on precious metals prices has been held back by dollar strength. That could be changing.
Despite recession fears, the U.S. consumer is still resilient, and that’s boosting the fortunes of these retailers.
Politics and cannabis investing go hand in hand, and if it becomes a wedge issue, the politicians may finally catch up to the voters’ position.
After three years of bottled-up travel plans, vacationers are back with a vengeance, which is good news for these travel stocks.
As developed economies like Europe stagnate under demographic overhangs, international investors are well-served looking towards a new group of young, dynamic Southeast Asian countries.
In a year in which the broad market has done little but tread water, tech stocks have been market stars, and these 3 chip stocks all boast superior growth.
Artificial intelligence is everywhere and, arguably, the reason for the fresh bull market. But lost in the hype is the impact AI will have on real companies doing real business. That’s where Microsoft comes in.
Micro-cap stocks are my bread and butter, and these are the 3 micro-cap stocks I like best today.
Short-term trends have discounted energy stocks ahead of a period of likely longer-term outperformance that makes these 2 companies look phenomenal.