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January 2023
As an inveterate shopper, I’m always on the hunt for the best deals—whether it’s for clothing, appliances, autos, and especially stocks!
Most of Wall Street is expecting a recession in 2023, but this stock is an ideal pick for times like these. Plus, it’s still cheap. Unlike their American counterparts, European stocks didn’t get nearly as overvalued in the covid-recovery bull market and have weathered the inflationary storm better. These three look particularly strong.
Inflation’s bullish impact on precious metals prices has been held back by dollar strength. That could be changing.
Dividend stocks outperformed the broader market in 2022, and they’re an especially important addition to your portfolio in bear markets like the one we’ve got now.
Identifying powerful trends can lead to major outperformance in the stock market, and this frequently overlooked moving average is a favorite among some legends.
Securing inputs for the next generation of technology is critical to American primacy, and potentially highly profitable for these 2 metals stocks.
The failure of FTX wasn’t a failure of cryptocurrencies, it was just (per the unsealed indictment) fraud. But there are still lessons to be learned, whether you love crypto or hate it.
It may be apples to oranges, but a conversation comparing crypto, tech stocks and small-caps makes a compelling case for the latter.
The names change each time, but every era has a surge of hollow, hyper-growth stocks that reach the stratosphere before crashing back to earth. These 2 rules will help you avoid them.
The Wheel options strategy can help turn your favorite stocks into year-long, income-generating machines, whether you own shares or not.
Sustained cash flow in energy stocks and an evolved approach to CAPEX could prolong an energy bull market and make this stock an attractive micro-cap.