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Chris Preston

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Want a perfect illustration of the advantage of long-term investing? Look at what these stocks have done since Tiger Woods last played golf.
Tesla stock has long been a polarizing stock. But what should you do now with TSLA: buy, sell or hold? It depends on who you ask.
Uber stock has not been a good investment since coming public more than a year ago. Will its new acquisition of Postmates change its fortunes?
George H.W. Bush was loved by many. And the stock market performance during his tenure suggests that Wall Street loved him too.
Despite a rough day and some bad headlines, Tesla stock remains within its six-month support and resistance lines. What to do with the stock now?
Midterm elections are over, and stocks are rallying. Coincidence? Perhaps not. History says the midterm election rally is very real.
Walt Disney stock has not only survived the recent market downturn, but thrived. How is it doing it? There’s one underlying reason.
Eleven years ago, Sears stock was at all-time highs, a $23 billion company. Now the company is bankrupt, and the stock is almost at zero. What happened?!
A rumored Coca-Cola-Aurora Cannabis deal is the latest evidence that the marijuana industry has Wall Street’s full attention.
U.S. stocks and international stocks used to trade in lockstep. Then came the trade war, pushing them in opposite directions. Is it time to invest overseas?
Nike stock got roughed up on Monday after the company unveiled a controversial new Colin Kaepernick ad campaign. It may have created an idea entry point.
Watching my beloved Virginia basketball team suffer the most embarrassing loss in NCAA Tournament history got me thinking about comeback stocks.
Dropbox and Spotify are two more high-profile tech IPOs that have investors excited. Here’s why you shouldn’t buy the hype.
Donald Trump announced plans to impose tariffs on all steel and aluminum exports. Does that mean you should buy U.S. steel stocks? Not just yet.
TGT stock trailed its chief retail rival, WMT stock, by a wide margin in 2016. But here’s why Target (TGT) is the better long-term buy.
Last year’s stock market results varied greatly by sector, country and market cap. But if you invested in U.S. stocks, you were mostly happy.
TSLA stock had a rough 2016. But 2017 looks much brighter for shares of the luxury electric car maker. Here are the three primary catalysts.
With share prices at all-time highs and the rate hike propping up Treasuries, high yield dividend stocks have become increasingly rare in today’s market.
After a big start to the year, gold prices are plummeting, signified by the steep drop in the GLD ETF. But there’s one way to play the volatility in metals.