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June 2023
Teaching your children basic financial literacy pays serious dividends throughout their lives. It helps them avoid debt, practice responsible budgeting and can even help them pay for college and retirement. In this month’s issue, we’ll explore the best ages to teach your children important financial skills, the best apps and tools for learning about money, and even the best games to make financial learning less of a chore.
Deep-pocketed hedge funds cater to wealthy investors and have enough capital to move stocks significantly. Here are 3 stocks they’re buying now.
Inflation’s bullish impact on precious metals prices has been held back by dollar strength. That could be changing.
A company declaring a new dividend can be a major catalyst for the share price as it makes the shares attractive to an entirely new segment of investors, and this micro-cap stock just announced theirs.
Choppy markets like we have now are exactly the reason to adhere to a consistent investing strategy or system. This is Cabot’s.
Despite fears of consumer spending headwinds, these two luxury stocks are coming off record years and their charts are showing some rare momentum.
Peter Lynch is a stock-picking legend, and three of the biggest winners in the Magellan Fund shared this one trait.
While the market hangs on every word from the Fed and the headlines are full of stories about inflation and the debt ceiling, there’s an ongoing megatrend set to drive these stocks higher.
Small-cap stocks have been lagging their larger brethren for months, but that just leaves them with more room to grow when the market turns higher. Here are 2 ways to play it.
The arrival of AI looks primed to accelerate automation trends, and this Japanese robot stock is already at the forefront of automating manufacturing.
The Dividend Aristocrats are a group of stocks with a history of paying and increasing their dividends. This strategy can help you significantly increase your returns on these stable dividend companies.