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January 2024
Most of us never take practical economics classes that dive into everyday finances, how to save, how to invest, or how to plan for the future. If you’ve taken an economics class at all, you probably learned more about supply and demand than you did about setting aside an emergency fund. That means that most of what we “know” about money we learned from our parents or just sort of picked up as we went along. So this month, let’s put to rest some of the most pernicious money myths and unfounded beliefs that keep us from achieving our long-term financial goals.
Legislative news has an outsized impact on cannabis stocks, but the performance of these two funds shows a groundswell of support that’s easy to miss in the headlines.
Harvard University has the largest endowment in the world, and there’s one key difference that differentiates it from how we might run our own portfolios.
With an election year on the horizon, now’s the perfect time to consider how to position your portfolio before election season is well and truly underway.
Selling options is one of the most reliable ways to beat the market, and in our current low-volatility environment, this strategy is my favorite way to do it.
There are a number of ways to reduce your mortgage rate, but the “right” way depends on several factors. Let’s break down three options to see which is best.
Charlie Munger passed away last month at 99, but he left behind important lessons for all of us, about life and investing.
Small-cap stocks have been underperforming for the last few years, but a confluence of factors could be setting up a big year ahead in 2024.
After two years of bear markets, chops, narrow rallies and fits and starts, evidence is building that growth stocks should lead the way once again.
There’s no such thing as a perfect market timing system, which is why we use tried and true fundamental and technical analysis to find stocks like these.
Bitcoin is back in the news after doubling in value in 2023, but is it finally a worthwhile investment?