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February 2023
With mortgage rates leveling off and housing prices still elevated, here’s everything you need to know to confidently buy a new home in less-than-ideal conditions.
The path forward for the U.S. economy is being positioned as a choice between two outcomes: recession or a soft landing. But a third possibility offers a more compelling explanation for what we’re seeing in the markets.
Inflation’s bullish impact on precious metals prices has been held back by dollar strength. That could be changing.
For most of its life as a public company, Tesla has been valued like a tech start-up, could the recent sell-off be a sign the market is valuing Tesla like a car company?
Energy was the only sector winner in 2022, but going into the new year, these look like the 5 best sectors to invest in.
Cannabis stocks rose briefly at the end of 2022 on hopes for SAFE Banking passage. That didn’t come to pass, but there’s a good reason to believe the sector can turn around in 2023.
Although it’s stock price is down nearly 90% in the last two years, this beaten-down battery stock offers potentially game-changing technology that could give it some serious upside.
China has grown its economy at twice the rate of the U.S. since the beginning of the pandemic, but wage growth there could soon lead to a new leader: India.
It started as a long-running joke in finance, gained steam online with the meme stock crowd, and now an inverse Cramer ETF may be coming to market.
Investing like a tycoon requires that you think independently, use the best information at your disposal, and act boldly where others are fearful.
2023 started strong before the major indexes pulled back in mid-January. But there’s more to the market than just the indexes, and these charts are showing more strength in the broader market than headlines would have you believe.