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July 2023
Remote work has disrupted the employment landscape and appears to be here to stay; it’s also reshaped real estate as more and more workers are now untethered from the office. This month, let’s dive into how to take advantage of better affordability by relocating, moving for your lifestyle and not your employer, and what states will actually pay you to relocate.
Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been the primary driver of this year’s market rally, and these two AI stocks can help fuel your income investing.
Inflation’s bullish impact on precious metals prices has been held back by dollar strength. That could be changing.
Dividend-paying stocks are a great addition to almost any portfolio, and companies that regularly raise their dividends (like these 3) are even tougher to beat.
Now the most populous country on the planet, India’s growing economy is attracting global investment as companies diversify manufacturing away from China. Here are 3 stocks I like to increase your exposure to India.
While America’s interest and investment in clean energy has rapidly accelerated, it’s lost sight of the infrastructure needed to bring clean energy to homes and businesses. These 3 companies are helping the country meet those needs.
A new bull market has arrived, and with it, lofty and unrealistic earnings projections and sky-high stock prices. So what’s a value investor to do?
Small-cap stocks have been lagging their large-cap brethren all year; keep an eye on this ETF for signs of a broader (healthier) rally.
If you’re worried about the inevitable pullback after such a hot start to the year, you’re not alone. This option strategy can help protect your profits.
With U.S. stocks trading at historically high valuations, now’s a good time to look to our neighbors to the north for undervalued opportunities.
EV mania has been supplanted by AI mania, but industry fundamentals are still strong and the electric vehicle ecosystem is still growing. Is that enough to make this Chinese electric vehicle company a buy?