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Quant Trader
Expert-Level Options for Sophisticated Traders
As we move past the May 19, 2023 expiration cycle, I want to add an iron condor and potentially two new vertical spreads, a bear call spread and a bull put spread, for the July expiration cycle. An iron condor will be the initial priority early this week as we dip below 60 days to expiration for the July 21 expiration cycle. My hope is that by week’s end we will have, at minimum, two new trades for the July expiration cycle, if not three.
Cabot Options Institute Quant Trader is focused exclusively on creating consistent returns using high-probability options strategies including bear call spreads, bull put spreads, iron condors and more. Whether you have questions about the strategies, or even about setting up your account, or how to make your own trades, Andy will answer all of your questions
After recently locking in profits on our SPY June 16, 2023, 430/435 bear call spread, it’s time to look towards selling some premium for the July 21, 2023, expiration cycle with 56 days until expiration (dte).