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Quant Trader
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Not much has changed in the past week. We currently have two open positions: a bear call spread in SPY and an IWM iron condor. Both are due to expire December 16, 2022, and both are currently in a profitable state. My hope is that we can take both of our trades off this week for nice profits.

I also plan on adding another bear call spread to the mix this week, this time for the January expiration cycle. And if we see a decent pullback this week, I’ll follow that trade with a bull put spread in January.
Cabot Options Institute Quant Trader is focused exclusively on creating consistent returns using high-probability options strategies including bear call spreads, bull put spreads, iron condors and more. Whether you have questions about the strategies, or even about setting up your account, or how to make your own trades, Andy will answer all of your questions
Okay, it’s time to ramp things back up again. I want to sell premium for the January expiration cycle and I’m going to start with a bear call spread and hopefully, over the next few trading days, add an iron condor and bull put spread in a few other of the major index ETFs.