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Cabot Top Ten Trader Reviews

Just a quick note to say thank you.
Just a quick note to say thank you. You have been knocking them out of the park for the past 5 or 6 weeks. This has been an opportunity that doesn’t come along often. I am approaching a 6 digit gain. Keep them coming!! Oh, and I must not forget that you had me in cash when the market started to tank! As I said before, your Cabot Top Ten is worth every penny. One trade pays for the letter many times over. My favorite quote to my friends is: You don’t have to be the smartest man in the market; you just have to get your advice from one of the smartest men in the market. When I tell them how much it costs, they don’t believe me!
Bill D., St. Pete Beach, FL
A Magic Show
I have countless times written to Mike to thank him for a particular stock, to tell him it feels like a magic show watching them increase. All I do with the profits is to put them back to work.
Susan S., Southbury, CT
Numerous Long Term Winners
I’ve found the information very useful, and have discovered numerous long term winners through my subscription. Thanks Mike!
Ben W., Honolulu, HI
Thank you for all you do.
I have used several of your recs … and have remodeled our kitchen, paid for three vacations, helped finance a sons starting business, paid for Texas Rangers season tickets among other things…Thank you for all you do.
Eddy C., Plano, Texas
I absolutely love your Weekly Review videos

Mike, I absolutely love your Weekly Review videos and Top Ten newsletter! I don’t think I would have started a subscription with any of the Cabot publications without watching you each week expertly analyze the stock market and individual stocks.

S.T. Gold River, CA
I consider this the world’s biggest bargain
Hey guys, I just renewed my Cabot Top Ten for three hundred and something dollars. I consider this the world’s biggest bargain. I “made” thirty eight hundred and something just today alone. Keep up the GREAT work!
Bill D.
Thank you Cabot to make this nonfinance guy into a successful Investor and a Wealth Builder.
I have been a subscriber for many of Cabot services for almost 12 years or more. I love Cabot 10 the most and credit the advisory for learning about the new and old businesses that are worth my current investment. If something interests me, I take a small position in it and add more Shares if it turns out to be a winner. Alternately I get out of the position if It doesn’t work. Sometimes I buy those stocks for short term profits and come back to them if the stocks keep performing well. The most important part is the lessons I learn from Cabot services ,How to become a Good successful Investor in the long run. Mike and all other advisors have something unique and useful to offer. It’s up to us how we receive and perceive it. They teach us that put what you learn in to action, that get rid of the enemy in you which often gets in the way and use the basic and advanced tools they offer into your personal investment style.Turning point for me was when I realized I am a Physician and I hardly know the Stock Market and there is some one who does all the basic research and offers it to you so that you can build on it. And finally the hand holding during tough times. Thank you Cabot to make this nonfinance guy into a successful Investor and a Wealth Builder.
Ved G.
A very intelligent man does that for me ...

“Mike, I have been using your Top Ten Trader for a bit now and love it. I recently stumbled across your Cabot Weekly Review. Wow! You do a really nice job with that one. It is a real learning experience to watch that. Instead of just buying what you advise, now I am buying what you advise with the knowledge of why I am doing it. My friends ask me how I can possibly keep track of 50 stocks. I tell them that I don’t. I have a very intelligent man who does that for me (and at a very reasonable price). Thank you.”

B. Doherty, St Pete Beach, Florida
Truly care about the disciplines that lead to success
“I’d recommend Cabot Top Ten to a friend with confidence that the Cabot people are like family and you can trust their every intention! They truly care about the disciplines that lead to the success of every investor.”
W.N. Archer, Springboro, Ohio
Cabot Top Ten is like a Ferrari loaded with stocks that set their own speed limits
“If Cabot Market Letter is like driving a safe and luxurious Lexus, Cabot Top Ten is like a Ferrari loaded with stocks that set their own speed limits. I have been a long-term Cabot Market Letter fan and enjoy reading market conditions, commentary, momentum stocks, tip of the month and stock picks. Recently, I subscribed to Cabot Top Ten and I enjoy reading it. Top Ten picks are really quality stocks that are advancing much faster than regular stocks. I eagerly await this newsletter each Monday. I have been investing in some very profitable securities week after week, taking advantage of the bull market this year.”
Nirmal R., San Francisco, California