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Cabot Growth Investor Reviews

I try not to get emotional
I just wanted to say thank you. I try not to be emotional about investing. I try not to listen to the news but this spring was rough. I appreciate your reminders to follow the evidence and follow the plan. It has been an amazing year! I invest my SEP using your growth and top 10 advisories. I am up 76.8% in that account this year, in spite of mistakes in the spring. Needless to say, I like that kind of annual return.
Cheri W.,
Grateful for past 21 years
Dear Mike - This has been the greatest year with you ever. Actually just since March 20 my portfolio has increased 125%. I’ve arrived - under your auspices - at a new investing strategy - - Even though my funds are limited, I try to buy at least a small position in most of the stocks you most tout. So, instead of having larger positions in a few, I have smaller positions in many. When I first came to Cabot as a consummate neophyte, I did not know what I was doing - subscribed to many Cabot letters without understanding how inappropriate most of them were for me - and through the grace of destiny...found you in 1999 and dropped all the other letters focusing only on Top Ten and Growth Investor. Your reports and your assistance have been such a mainstay in my life - Your stops are a blessing beyond words - Your instantaneous responses are unbelievable! - I am just so grateful for benefiting from you and your team these past 21 years. Thank you for all of it, Mike - none of it is wasted on me - Wishing you and your family a radiant Christmas and a new year of renewal and hope and healing.
Susan S.
Your recommendations are perfect
Hi Mike: I just wanted to express my appreciation and thanks for your timely advice. Your recommendations are perfect ( as an investor, I know you cannot be ALWAYS right) but having been a subscriber for over 30 years, when Carlton was running the letter) I am still very dedicated and love your style of writing and your recommendations. I always look forward to your letter and follow it to the last word---there is nothing better than this. Best wishes and keep up the good work--- I am dedicated to your letter forever.
R. Bhatia, Irving TX
I appreciate the consistent information and ideas.


Just wanted to say “thank you”. I’ve been subscribing to everything Cabot has to offer since earlier this year, and it’s truly enhanced my business & ability to manage money for my clients! I appreciate the consistent information and ideas. I also subscribe to Lowry Research & IBD; however, must say what I get from the Cabot team is invaluable. Anyway man, make it a great day, and thanks again for all your efforts!”

N. G. Montgomey, AL
Awesome calls last week

“Mike... You made awesome calls last week and I am very appreciative! Dumped FB lightening speed and did not look back. The tax man is also very happy! SSO was worth cutting back until the tide clearly reverse. SSO has also been a great call for a long time and selling was an appropriate defensive move!”

D. Merriman, Schaumburg, IL
Sharing my knowledge with my 2 sons

“Mike, I just want to thank you for your help. You always reply to me when I need it most. I learn a lot from you with the 2 newsletters and the Cabot Weekly Review. Not only about making profits but understanding about investing with the stock market. You are my mentor. I would also like to thank the Cabot team—to me the #1 place to get advice and education about investing since around 1987. Now I have the chance to share my knowledge with my 2 sons.”

A. Ng
my $28,000 IRA portfolio has grown 21.46% in the past two months
“Thanks to Cabot Market Letter and Cabot Top Ten, my $28,000 IRA portfolio has grown 21.46% in the past two months! That’s about 95% better than I did following (another investment advisory). I am extremely satisfied with your service and I give your newsletters most of the credit when bragging to my friends about how well I’m currently doing in the market. Thanks again.”
M. Taylor, Rogers, Alaska
Cabot is head and shoulders above anybody else
Mike, I just wanted to let you, and everyone at Cabot know, how much I appreciate the information I receive from you. You’ve made money for me and, more importantly, in the last eight or ten months, you have saved me a lot of money. I’ve tried a number of investment advisory services over the years and Cabot is head and shoulders above anybody else. Most of them are not even close. Keep up the good work.
R. Beck, Sun Lakes, Arizona
I wish to congratulate the Cabot Market Letter
I wish to congratulate the Cabot Market Letter for continuing to meet the high standards of BBB accreditation. You exhibit trust and strengthen BBB, furthering our mission to create an ethical marketplace where buyers and sellers can trust each other.
Kevin J.Sanders, President and CEO, Better Business Bureau of Massachusetts
I often recommend Cabot to fellow investors.
“I often recommend Cabot to fellow investors. I just give them examples of winning stocks I’ve found through your newsletters.”
R. Kieft, Anchorage, Alaska