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Undervalued Stocks Advisor
Wealth Building Opportunites for the Active Value Investor
Thank you for subscribing to the Cabot Undervalued Stocks Advisor. We hope you enjoy reading the November 2022 issue.

While sharp declines in hyper-growth tech stocks to below their pre-pandemic prices may seem like the proverbial “end of days” has arrived, the fall-off is more a return to normal following a period of vast excesses.

Another event with consequences is the earnings report for recommended name Big Lots (BIG), scheduled for pre-market release on December 1.
Today we are raising our price target on Arcos Dorados (ARCO) from 7.50 to 8.50. The company is recovering from the pandemic and looks well-positioned to expand its franchise and profits while continuing to improve its balance sheet. The shares remain undervalued.
I want to point out a problem that I foresee, potentially on the scale of the technology bubble in 2001 and the housing bubble in 2007. I think we’re going to have an “inverse ETF bubble.”
I was talking with an investor recently about the latest stock market downturn. He was puzzled; if General Motors (GM) is supposedly such a great stock and vastly favored among portfolio managers, why would it fall 30% during a market correction?
My stock-picking strategy has been refined over the course of 28 years, and has been quite stable for the last six years. My investment goals are (1) minimize stock market risk, (2) achieve capital gains, with dividends as a welcome addition to total return and (3) outperform the U.S. stock markets.
If professional investment companies are not making their decisions based on the price of the stock, neither should you.