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Wealth Building Opportunites for the Active Value Investor

Welcome to Cabot Value Investor

Thank you for subscribing to Value Investor and joining me on my journey to wealth creation in undervalued stocks.

As Warren Buffet says, in the short-term, the stock market is a voting machine, but in the long term it’s a weighing machine. That means that every day, there are companies that sell well below their real, long-term value. All we need to do as patient investors is buy these companies at steep discounts… and wait.

To help you achieve this goal, I offer two portfolios in Cabot Value Investor: Growth & Income and Buy Low Opportunities. I invite you to choose Buy- and Strong Buy- rated stocks from both portfolios to diversify your personal portfolio.

Growth & Income Portfolio

Stocks are generally higher-quality, larger-cap companies that have fallen out of favor. They usually have some combination of attractive earnings growth and an above-average dividend yield. Risk levels tend to be relatively moderate, with reasonable debt levels and modest share valuations.

Buy Low Opportunities Portfolio

Stocks include a wide range of value opportunities. These stocks carry higher risk than our Growth & Income stocks yet also offer more potential upside. This group may include stocks across the quality and market cap spectrum, including those with relatively high levels of debt and a less-clear earnings outlook. The stocks may not pay a dividend. In all cases, the shares will trade at meaningful discounts to our estimate of fair value.

Here’s what is included in your subscription:

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  • You’ll also receive Alerts when we change a rating on a stock, so that you know exactly what action to take in your portfolio.

All resources—current and past Monthly Issues, Weekly Updates, Alerts, Special Reports and investing tools—are available for your review at any time on the Cabot website.

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