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Profit Booster
Make Money 3 Ways from Great Growth Stocks

Welcome to Cabot Profit Booster

Thank you for subscribing to Cabot Profit Booster and welcome!

I’m delighted that you have chosen to join our exciting new advisory Cabot Profit Booster, which will combine stock ideas from Mike Cintolo’s Cabot Top Ten Trader momentum-stock advisory, along with my covered call trades, to make money three ways from great growth stocks.

The goal of Cabot Profit Booster is to use the awesome power of covered calls, which are a VERY conservative strategy that requires NO margin, to create yields of 3-15% each month against great growth stocks, while at the same time reducing the risk to these stock positions.

Simply put, Cabot Profit Booster is a conservative, income-focused options service that is arguably even safer than just buying and selling regular stocks.

Before we get too deep in What to Expect, How Covered Calls Work, Execution of Covered Calls and the various Scenarios of this strategy, if you are new to options and covered calls, and if you have ANY questions about my trade ideas, or how to execute the trades, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me at I truly enjoy teaching traders about options!

Also, it is my recommendation that if you are new to covered calls, when you execute that first trade, start small. Even though covered calls are the most “basic” and widely used options trade, I want to make sure that you execute the trade perfectly before moving to bigger trades.

What to Expect

Here’s how the process will work. Every Monday evening Mike Cintolo will release his Cabot Top Ten Trader stock ideas to his subscribers. Then Jacob will find the stock from Mike’s list that has the best covered call potential and send you my covered call trade idea Tuesday morning by 11:00 a.m. eastern. That trade idea will include a portion of Mike’s fundamental analysis of the stock and the company, as well as his full technical analysis, the chart, and his stop, which we will be tied to.

Then I will break down my covered call trade idea along with the breakeven, as well as the potential outcomes. Lastly, I will include an analysis of our current open positions.

Please note, you will receive 50 Cabot Profit Booster ideas a year—one per week, excluding two holiday-shortened weeks.

Watch this video to learn more:

Yours for options trading,


Jacob Mintz

Chief Analyst of Cabot Profit Booster, Cabot Options Trader, Cabot Options Trader Pro