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Make Money 3 Ways from Great Growth Stocks

Cabot Profit Booster

Make money three ways from great growth stocks. Combine the company’s chart wizard who has an outstanding, 20-year track record of picking winning stocks that serve up big profits with our options guru who earned his investing chops on the trading floor of the Chicago Board of Options Exchange and you get this low-risk way to grow your wealth.

How to Collect Income That Crushes the S&P Average Dividend
(in Just 10 Minutes a Week)

Incredibly weak dividends from the stock market have income investors scrambling. But one simple income move crushes what you’d earn from the S&P 500’s dividends…

The S&P 500 pays out just 1.6% average dividends.

The fact is: if you’re only getting the “average” income from stocks, you’re only guaranteeing that you’ll lose money after inflation – especially since it’s now on the rise again…

The biggest dividend payer in the S&P 500 is almost 9%.

According to CNN, inflation is now over 8% for the year… and rising.

Even if that 9% dividend is safe… you’re still not taking much home after taxes.

That’s why here at Cabot, we’ve put together a special income project.

It’s designed to help you collect more income than you’ll ever get from dividend stocks alone, with minimal work on your end.

In fact, you can start collecting about 5-15% every 30-60 days. On an annual basis, that comes to over 66% in pure income.

How is this possible?

I’m not talking about making risky leveraged trades, or Forex, or trading cryptocurrencies or anything like that.

In fact, this method of income investing is so simple… so easy… you’ll wonder why anyone would ever try anything else.

People like to think that for something to be profitable, it has to be difficult, time consuming or obscure.

But look at the most successful investors and traders in history: Warren Buffett just buys solid companies at fair prices. John D. Rockefeller got rich off of his oil company’s dividends. Jim Rogers bought commodities when they were selling at generational lows.

The best investors get the simple things right.

And I know most people will scoff at this idea – that you can earn reliable income of 5-15% a month in a just a few minutes ever week.

That’s fine.

It’s why I’m going to show you exactly how this income method works. If you’re looking for an easy way to add a little bit of extra income to your portfolio every month – I’m glad to share how it works.

I know only about 1 person in 100 will “get” it. I hope that when you see exactly how it works, you’ll be one of the few who can use it for yourself to generate regular income.

And at the risk of “scaring” you off, I’m just going to come out and tell you…
It’s Options

If you’re already feeling a little uncertain about this method, I don’t blame you.

Most people who trade options treat them like lottery tickets. They make the riskiest possible trades on the longest odds possible.

Sometimes, it even works out, and they can earn 100% ... 200% ... even 500% or more in a matter of days.

But most of the time, they don’t. Most of the time, just like with a regular lottery ticket, they lose everything.

That’s the high-risk, high-reward method that most people try when they trade options.

But there’s a flipside to this kind of trade.

Instead of buying options with lotto-odds … that almost never pan out, you can do the opposite.

You can SELL options.

When you do, you bring in immediate income. And if you sell the right options, you can win over 80% of your income trades.

The 80% more than overcome the 20% of losers.

And I can prove it.

Here’s just a sliver of the options that I’ve told my Cabot readers to sell over the past two years:


You’ll notice that I’m showing not just the winning income trades, but the losing trades too.

I don’t mind showing you the few losers in the mix.

Everyone who his serious about trading options KNOWS that losses are inevitable.

(That’s why position sizing and risk management are important.)

But I also want to draw your attention to the size of these gains.

Unlike my other services, I’m not shooting for giant 100%+ homeruns.

I’m looking singles, doubles and the occasional triple.

And I usually make these kinds of gains in a matter of weeks… so these aren’t long term LEAPs or anything like that.
My goal is to help you earn quick gains of 4-8 weeks (or faster) with reliable, high-probability trades.

That might sound boring to some traders.

I get it.

But imagine if you could rack up these kinds of double-digit gains month after month.

It’s not hard to see how you could quickly grow your wealth – and not lose much sleep because you know I’m only focusing on high-probability trades.

What kind of trades am I talking about?

Again: I don’t mind telling you.

I know you’re into options.

So I’ll tell you exactly how I generate these kinds of gains…
The Most Basic Options Trade You’ll Ever Make (for 66% annual income…)

I know why most people have a hard time with options.


It’s because they inevitably make big, risky bets – and most of the time they lose…

In short, these people seek out trades with scratch-off odds.

They’re usually buying out-of-the money options and looking for some kind of (unlikely) price movement to move the option in the money.

Most of the time, they lose.

But every now and then, they get a big payday, and like any other gambler, it’s the thrill of those rare wins that gives them just enough positive reinforcement to keep “playing.”

This is dangerous and exciting trading which is why people get hooked – that is, until they completely blow up their portfolio.

But the flipside to this kind of trading is much more profitable and reliable.

Instead of buying out-of-the money options, you can sell options.

Then, instead of losing money most of the time, you make money most of the time.

That’s not luck either. I’m not cherry-picking a good slice of my trading history or hiding losers.

I hesitate to even tell you this, but the big secret to successful options trading isn’t having some deep knowledge of derivatives or being an insightful analyst.

The secret is much more boring and almost embarrassing because I think anyone with a high school education can have this kind of success trading options with a little bit of instruction.

That’s because the real secret is:

Basic math.

I pick option trades that have a mathematical and statistical likelihood of winning about 85-90% of the time.


This is the sweet spot for selling options.

It lets us bring in between 5-15% in income every month.

And sure … every now and then we have a losing trade.

But unlike buying options where you can very easily lose your entire stake, on the rare occasions when we have a position move against us:

we only lose about 10-15% ...

Honestly, I understand that most people are interested in flashy trades with the chance to make 100% or more in a matter of days.

Most people prefer candy to vegetables too …

But if you’re interested in earning reliable income from options …

If you want to earn 5-15% a month from your options trades …

Then I think you might be a good candidate for my service: Cabot Profit Booster.

But what’s the downside to making these kinds of regular, income-producing trades?
The Most Difficult Part of Options Trading (You’ll Never Guess)

There’s one more hurdle for most people to start trading options.

And it has nothing to do with the time it takes … or the knowledge.

(I can show you how to make options trades in less than 5 minutes a week … with very easy-to-follow instructions.)

The biggest impediment has nothing to do with actually trading options …

Most traders run into a problem because they get addicted to trading – and they try to trade too much.

The hardest part of being an options trader is knowing when to do nothing at all!

That’s why I don’t issue a trade unless I know I have a statistical edge.

Many times, that means not making lots of trades. It means walking away from trades that turn against you (before it turns into an even bigger loss).

It means ignoring the impulse to “do more.”

I focus on doing less … but doing it with the highest confidence that my positions have an 85-90% chance of success.

And like I said: most traders hate this kind of methodology. They want more trades … more risk … more “action.”

Which is why options are looked at as risky by the mainstream public.

The real irony is … selling options is actually SAFER than buying an equivalent amount of stock.

That’s because when you sell options, you have a margin of safety equal to the amount of money you take in as premium.

So, if you sell an option for $100, that’s $100 more of a cushion you have before the trade goes against you.

When you buy shares outright, you have no cushion. If the stock drops, that’s an unrealized loss.

But with options: you START out the transaction in the black – as a profit.

Of course, people find ways to take on risky bets with options – but that’s the opposite of what I recommend in Cabot Profit Booster.

And I think if you’re in this market, you might feel that kind of pressure … to chasing stocks higher … or to make risky bets in asset classes that have done well recently.

And that’s not your fault.

The truth is, we’re in a strange time in market history.

I think historians will look back at this time and talk about it in the same way we talk about other massive market bubbles and crashes.

That’s because we’re in the middle of the largest monetary experiment in world history. And it’s a confusing, often scary time for investors …

But there’s something you can do about it.
Why You’re not Crazy … But This Market Definitely Is

Because I work in financial research and I’ve been trading options professionally for a long time, I get a lot of questions from friends and family … and even some of my seasoned analyst co-workers here at Cabot.

Questions you’re probably familiar with, like:

  • What is the deal with this market?
  • Are you worried about inflation?
  • What’s going to happen to stocks, bonds, real estate, etc. when rates rise or the market crashes?

If you feel like this market doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, I have good news:

You haven’t lost your mind. I’ve been studying markets for my entire adult life. I can tell you with 100% confidence that this market is completely out of touch with reality.

So, what can you do?

That’s the beauty of my trading strategy:

You can earn reliable income streams every month no matter what else is happening. In fact, if inflation continues and stocks keep tumbling, I know volatility will make this strategy even more profitable.

You can earn a fraction of a percentage putting your money into CDs or savings accounts …

Or you can earn 5-15% a month using my options strategies.

That will be true even if stocks fall.

It will be true if inflation continues to rise – or if it falls.

It will be true if interest rates rise too!

And even better: all of my trades last about 30-40 days at the longest.

That means even if interest rates or bonds or the market does something fantastic, you won’t have your capital tied up for longer than a few weeks.

You won’t miss a thing … even in the unlikely event you can start getting bigger yields elsewhere.

But there’s one final part of my strategy that makes this kind of options trading even safer AND more profitable …

It has everything to do with the kinds of stocks I trade options on.
How Do I Pick the Stocks to Trade Options On?

Cabot Top Ten TraderThe most exciting part of my strategy is that I don’t just trade any old stock …

I have a special arrangement with one of Cabot’s top analysts … and I exclusively trade options on a small list of the best companies in the market, each and every week.

I’m talking about Mike Cintolo and his Cabot Top Ten Trader list.

You see, Mike uses a screen to find the companies that have the best outperformance relative to the market.

These companies can be in any sector, have any market cap – and if they have enough liquid option contracts to trade, I will issue high-probability option trade alerts based on Mike’s list.

That means you’re only ever selling options with the wind at your back. That’s part of the reason why I have such a high degree of success in my portfolio.

And again, even with Mike’s excellent analysis on our side, selling options against these positions is safer than buying the stocks outright …

But there’s one more thing I’m a bit sheepish about when it comes to this service:
The Biggest Open Secret About Cabot Profit Booster

If it seems like this service is a little … simple ... well you’re not wrong.

I think the tendency for options traders is to want people to think the work they do is super complicated.

But with nearly 20 years’ experience in finance, my main takeaway is that “complicated” strategies don’t tend to pan out over the long haul.

Doing simple things well is the secret to success in options.

The truth is: Cabot Profit Booster is incredibly simple. There’s not a lot of moving parts.

I get Mike’s Top Ten Trader issue and I find the best option trades in the group. Then I send them to you at 10:30 am ET every Tuesday the market is open.

And we repeat it, week after week.

I don’t mind telling you this strategy is simple to execute because I think that’s the main advantage.

It’s almost boring … just bringing in reliable income of $200 … $300 … $400 per contract. Many people want more excitement.

But if you can stick with a trading strategy that wins 85%+ of the time … if you can make monthly income of 5%-15% no matter what … I think that’s something to be excited about.

So if you’re interested in a simple strategy that can provide you with reliable returns … I think you should take a look at Cabot Profit Booster.

Now you might be thinking:
“Okay … enough with the false modesty … How much is this going to cost me?”

I’ve charged upwards of $20,000 for my services. One of my lower cost options services sells for $2,500 right now.

And if you signed up to receive Mike Cintolo’s Top Ten Trader service alone, it would cost you $397 a year.

But if you become a member of Cabot Profit Booster today, you won’t just get access to Mike’s top trades … and my weekly options trades …

You’ll also get 3 bonus reports I’ve written to help you get started with my service:


FREE REPORT #1: “Best-Kept Hedge Fund Secrets to Explode Your Wealth ($99 value)

Some of my biggest option trade successes have been from following what big hedge funds are doing. Whether we like it or not, big investors tend to “know” things about the market before anyone else. In this report, I reveal how I look at the options market to see what hedge funds are up to …


FREE REPORT #2: “5 Easy Stock-Picking Secrets That Make it Ridiculously Easy to Profit” ($99 value)

This report gives you a window into how Mike Cintolo finds the markets best companies – and exactly how to profit from them. It’s a must read so you understand how this product works and how to get the most out of it.


YOUR FREE COVERED CALL MANUAL: “The Simple Technique that Brings in 5%-15% Each Month” ($99 value)

This report gives you the full story on the #1 option trade I use in Cabot Profit Booster.

Now, these 3 reports together would cost you $297 … and couple that together with Mike’s Top Ten Trader service ($397 retail) you might expect to pay at least $997 for access to Cabot Profit Booster.

And while we’ve been considering a price increase for this service – you won’t pay anything close to $997 …

Today through this offer, you can claim a full year’s access to my Cabot Profit Booster options service for just $797.

That includes everything I’ve mentioned:

  • The 3 Bonus Reports.
  • Mike Cintolo’s Top Ten Trader analysis into the companies I trade options on.
  • My weekly option trades.
  • And it also includes email alerts and updates as needed.
  • AND full access to my archive of issues and special reports.

I know you can benefit from my options expertise and trades. But don’t take my word for it: take a listen to what some of my readers have been saying:

200%+ Gains in Just Months!

“Jacob’s service is simply awesome. His trades are very carefully researched. I have been his customer since the beginning of the year and already we have a couple of trades with 200%+ gains and I read his daily updates at 5:30AM and make my own trades as well with nice profits…”

-G. Hullatti

85% Profits … on Average!

“Jacob gives me peace and tranquility. If I have to define him, he is a little more on the conservative side. Patience is his key and that gives me plenty of time to stay relaxed and trade as he advises. I have an 85% record with him in all my trades. To be honest, I put my threshold for profits lower but as he says that is my technique and I’m quite happy with it. I will recommend Jacob any time.”

-V. Maines

Far superior to any investing service!

“Hi Jacob, I want to tell you how much I appreciate you and all the time, effort and excellence you bring to this service. I’ve been involved with many different options trading services since 2010, when I first began learning about options, but you are by far the very best I’ve ever seen! It’s obvious you really know your field well, and can trade in any market with strategies that work. I love the way you explain so much about the markets, individual trades and strategies in general. Everything you’re doing is far superior to anyone I’ve been involved with in the past…”

-L. Hayes
Yes, I want access to Cabot Profit Booster NOW

To re-cap:

If you want to access my lowest cost options service …

If you want to get income trades in your inbox that can hand you 5-15% gains every week …

If you want my expert guidance and email alerts to help you get the most profit possible from your trades…

Then consider becoming a member of Cabot Profit Booster for the lowest available price through this special offer …

Yes, I want access to Cabot Profit Booster NOW



Jacob Mintz,
Chief Analyst, Cabot Profit Booster

P.S. I can tell you that I’m personally invested in helping my readers succeed with my options research – but talk is cheap.

I’m willing to give you my personal email address once you become a Cabot Profit Booster member so that I can give you my full support to answer any questions about my service.

I don’t know of many professional option traders willing to make this kind of offer.

And again: it’s all for the lowest price I charge for my options research.

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