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This flagship investment advisory has been published since 1970 and it is recommended for all investors seeking to grow their wealth. As a subscriber, each week you’ll receive clear and comprehensive updates on the stocks recommended in our legendary Model Portfolio. You’ll receive invaluable investing lessons, so that you won’t just become a more successful investor—you’ll become a wiser investor!

This Astonishingly Effective Strategy Will Let You Pocket “Insider Profits”—Legally…

For the Rest of Your Investing Career.


  • How To Make Huge PROFITS From Every Major Bull Run…
  • SIDESTEP Every Crash (Well Before It Happens)…
  • And GROW YOUR WEALTH, Safely, Through This Volatility

Dear Friend,

Although you have picked some beautiful stocks over the years, imagine if you had known when to let your best ever stock picks run…

Up and up and up…

And when to sell them…

Near their absolute PEAK… with the juice squeezed out of them.

How much would this be worth to you and your loved ones?

Tens of thousands of dollars a year, easily. Probably much more (as you will see in a few seconds).

But it’s not just in dollars and cents. It’s spring evenings on your deck without a worry on your mind, too…

Or magical strolls through snowy Christmas markets in Europe…

Treating loved ones or paying for grandkids’ educations…

A shiny new truck… Or even a brand-new house!

In short, total independence.

But as you know, most investors get spooked by temporary price hiccups and get itchy trigger fingers.

It’s only human.

They get shaken out of great stocks much too soon and miss the dizzying profits that could have been theirs…

That SHOULD have been theirs. Life-changing profits.

Because it’s easy to forget you can retire based on a handful of well-played stocks.

But here’s the thing:

You can make these huge stock market gains (I’m talking in the TRIPLE-DIGITS and higher here) while still INSULATING yourself from any big drops.

Time after time.

I will show you how in the coming minutes.

And this step-by-step system shows you how to REPEATEDLY identify monster stocks before they blast off. Find the (almost) perfect stock! Historically, they nearly all have the same overlapping characteristics—

Characteristics I am about to share with you.

What’s more, this system takes the guesswork out of “handling” these millionaire-making stocks, when you inevitably end up behind the wheel of one.

To begin, take a look at Tesla…


Or Amazon…


Or even Apple…


These were not secret stocks by any means.

But how many regular folks retired from them or became millionaires? Surprisingly few.

Instead, people dipped in and out of them. They tried to “play the market”.

Some others waited on the sidelines because the price felt “too high”…

Then watched this stock continue to shoot upwards without them.


In short, most investors miss CHANCE AFTER CHANCE to become financially independent. They hop off the express train five stations too soon… or let it whoosh past them completely.

After today, this will never happen to you.

Because I am about to show you how to:

  • Pinpoint monster stocks like these RIGHT before they rip upwards…
  • Know when to hold fast with your winners, and…
  • When to cut lousy stocks loose before they do any real damage.

Using the earlier examples, if you invested $10,000 in Amazon when I recommended it— and held on as I suggested— you would have banked $139,000.

Or if you had invested $20,000 in Apple at the time of my recommendation, you would have banked an extra $169,200.

That’s a couple of year’s salary for some… From a single stock.

And it’s not just with these household names…

$5,000 in American Power Conversion would have banked you $53,750 in pure PROFIT alone.

For most Americans, having the ability to transform $5,000 into $53,750 is highly valuable.

And remember, you can turn right around and repeat this process again and again… For the rest of your life.

How would your life look if you pulled in an extra $140,000 every year?

Or what would you do if an extra $53,000 landed in your bank account— A FEW TIMES A YEAR— thanks to your savvy investing?

I am not talking about pocket change here.

These wins can quickly unlock the life you deserve.

But listen to this:

Although it only takes a handful of well-handled winners to transform your life, the system I am about to share with you has provided literally HUNDREDS of them over the years.

You don’t need to wait for that “once-in-a-lifetime” stock.

And, as much as I love these huge profits… My favorite element of this simple system is the RISK MINIMIZATION.

Because the folks who experienced all of these huge gains did it WITHOUT swinging for the fences with their hard-earned money…

Or feeling every one-point movement in the pit of their stomach…

They didn’t need to worry that they were playing with their family’s long-term security, either, when they “averaged-up” into a larger position.

You can achieve this confidence too. Anybody can.

I know because I have helped people just like you become independently wealthy for over 21 years. And although I used to guard my millionaire-making system like a State Secret, today I want you to have it…


Michael Cintolo

My name is Mike Cintolo. But before we continue, I must be very clear:

Although this winning strategy I am about to share may SOUND like insider trading— and the profits you can earn are comparable…

It is 100% legal.

That said, it does give you an almost unfair edge that puts you on the side of the smart money for the rest of your investing career.

Your friends may suspect you are insider trading…

And question why your money always seems to be in the right place at the right time…

(Whether you choose to spill the beans is completely up to you).

Because as an agile “layman” investor, when you position yourself properly…

Using these simple steps I am about to share…

The results can be truly staggering.

Some folks refresh the page to make sure the numbers in front of them are correct—

Imagine seeing the 1,075% win I mentioned earlier on your brokerage screen, for example.

But here is my question for you:

Don’t regular Americans DESERVE these types of profits?

Don’t YOU?

I firmly believe the answer is “Yes”. I’ve felt this way long before Forbes or Yahoo Finance were reaching out to me…

Cabot Wealth Summit 2019

Or publications like Hulbert Financial Digest, Timer Digest, and others ranked me among our country’s top investment experts…

And here is why:


A down-to-earth Massachusetts guy, just trying to grow his wealth —safely.

I don’t mind telling you, it was no walk in the park at first. I had a lot of trial and error. Some frustrating near-misses... And — I hate to admit it…

I listened to the media pundits much more than I should have.

It seemed no matter what I did my timing just seemed a little… “off”.

In short, I had the wrong approach.

But I dusted myself down and kept working at it. I went down rabbit-holes with charts, graphs, and academic research…

Studying how different factors impacted stocks. Interest rates, currency movements, oil prices… you name it.

I can’t tell you how many hundreds of hours I spent OBSESSING. And little by little, I started to figure it out.

Until, one day, it clicked.

And the answer was deceivingly simple.

More importantly, I started making a lot of money, consistently, using this paint-by-numbers system…

Today, DECADES later, it works as well as ever… through bull and bear markets.

So if you can overlook my diehard love of the Pats— just for a few minutes— I would like to share this winning system with you, too.

Because it only took a few things clicking for EVERYTHING ELSE to fall into place. And I don’t mean the investment awards or industry recognition.

It was never about that.

I mean financial independence. And giving my loved ones the life they deserve. Or enjoying time with my friends… Laughing and joking without money worries laying heavy on my mind.

Look, as a proud American, it HURTS me to see the way hundreds of thousands of my compatriots invest. They are doing the EXACT OPPOSITE of what they should be, without even realizing it.

They listen to the mainstream media nonsense…

And rely on hot tips that aren’t worth the paper they are printed on.

But, as you know, even a broken clock is correct twice a day. And if they ever DO get lucky— and find themselves with a winning stock— they panic…

And sell it off too soon— sometimes YEARS too soon!

What’s more, they let losing stocks do much more damage than they should.

To quote Peter Lynch:



Because as you and I both know— the market is an uncooperative animal. It’s darn right counterintuitive.

Take this for example:

Many of the traits that make you a GREAT PERSON in your day-to-day life, will KILL you in the stock market:

Standing your ground…

Being independent…

Or showing loyalty.

(And if you haven’t enjoyed the sort of returns you wanted from investing— this may explain why.)

For whatever reason, sometimes we develop emotional attachments to certain stocks. I was definitely guilty of doing this at the beginning… until realizing how destructive it is.

Emotion is a gas leak in your portfolio.

But listen to this:

The instant you remove all the emotion from it – and follow the FACTS and these few simple steps…

You become a stone-cold killer investor.

With the returns to prove it.

Because I am going to show you how to LET WINNERS RUN AND CUT LOSERS SHORT.

You see, there are no inherently “Good” or “Bad” stocks. Or let me put it like this:

Good stocks are the ones putting money into your pocket…

Bad stocks are the ones taking money out of it.

And as frustrating as it is, the same company can be a GREAT stock for you and a TERRIBLE one for me. It all depends on when we enter or exit our positions.

The market dictates the journey a stock takes, not us.

Our feelings have EXACTLY ZERO effect on how a stock moves (tell this to the thousands of folks “willing” their picks upwards though).

Speaking of which:

“WILLING”, “WISHING” and “HOPING” play no part in our strategy.

And we won’t be giving YOUR HARD-EARNED MONEY to companies based on promises or “sizzle”.

If it isn’t an honest-to-God business — with real profits and an outstanding story…

We will leave it for the Hit-and-Hopers to speculate on.

But if you want regular triple-digit winners…

That are not blind luck…

I have listed out what you need to look for in a company below.

Everything that will tell you—with sizeable confidence—whether a stock has true staying power…

Or will fizzle out when you need it most.

But before we dive into this, let’s address the biggest mistake investors are making nowadays…


Consider this:

Investor’s Business Daily studied EVERY SINGLE market cycle since 1880 and here is what they discovered:


Whether up OR down.

Let me tell you:

That is one powerful piece of knowledge to have in your holster. It can save you thousands of dollars and unlimited frustration… every single year.

Think about it:

When the market nosedives, it will drag 75% of ALL stocks underwater.

And even if you have done your due diligence… and selected a “perfect” company on paper…

You can still get left holding the bag.

But when the market surges, 75% of stocks can ride its coattails upwards.

Like I said, this has happened—without fail— since 1880… The year THOMAS EDISON founded the Edison Illuminating Company!

When you use this to your advantage, you can make a killing in the stock market. And just as crucially, it protects you from getting wiped out during big downturns too.

Let me give you a specific example:

Back in 2008, my system told me something was wrong with the market. I instantly warned readers of my private newsletter to go 90% to cash.

And to many in the mainstream media, this sounded dramatic.

I’m sure they even had a little laugh at my expense.

But I stuck by my guns and I’m so glad I did.



Very soon after, Lehman Brothers tanked and dragged so many people’s retirement dreams down the gutter with it.

But those who followed my recommendation emerged relatively unscathed.

To be clear:



Think how valuable that will be to you over the volatile years ahead of us. Knowing when to cash in and when to take a step back.

But here’s the million-dollar question:

What— or rather— WHO triggers these widespread market movements?

The answer is simple:

The “Smart Money”.

More specifically, the Wall Street Insiders.

The institutional investors… hedge funds… pension funds… insurance companies…

And the BILLIONS OF DOLLARS at their disposal…

Plus, their teams of analysts, cutting-edge algorithms, and insider knowledge. (As we know, not all of these fellows play within the rules).
Ex-Citigroup Bankers Drawn Into Criminal Appeal Over Insider Trading

-Financial Times

SEC Cracks Down On Coronavirus Scams Thanks To An Army of Whistleblowers


WSJ: First Arrest Made In Insider Trading Probe


All told, these Institutional Investors own about 80% of the stock market!

And any “little” trades they make START in blocks of 10,000 shares, usually rising to much more.

When these whales move on a stock, they create waves which are felt by every investor. And, trust me, when they are vacuuming up shares in large blocks or discarding them…

You had better not be on the wrong side of it.

Because their bottomless pockets cancel out whatever moves the little guys make. And then some.

But here is the exciting part:

These institutions can’t just pile into a stock in one go. Since they manage hundreds of millions—or BILLIONS—of dollars, it has to be gradual.

It can take days or even weeks. Like a big ship as it changes course.

And this is when we strike.

You see, you can have a very good idea when the professionals are piling into a stock…

With more than enough time to make some serious returns in the process.

It’s a core element of this simple system.

And thankfully, you don’t need to rely on guesswork, promises, “hot tips”, or how the media FEELS about a company.

The tell-tale signals are there for everyone to see. Once you know what to look for. They are as old as the stock market itself… Like I said, Edison could have used them!

And the same goes for when institutions are dumping a stock, too.

This is huge for you and me.

Because compared to the institutions, you can move at the speed of light! All you need to know is the stocks they are piling into…

BEFORE they skyrocket the price.

And that’s where my system shines.

But let me just circle back to insider trading for a moment.

Obviously, it’s despicable. It is un-American.

However, we both know it happens. It is as rampant among Wall Street and political elites as ever. But listen to this:

The same indicator that tells you when the institutions are loading up on a stock, tells you when big “Insider” moves are happening, too.

In enough time to ride it all the way to its peak.

Whether this movement is based on LEGAL TRADING…

Or SHADY BACKROOM DEALS…. Well, it works just the same as far as we are concerned. This means you can earn profits like an inside trader (without breaking a single law).

It could be a secret merger, takeover, you name it. Whatever it is, you will know something big is happening— and that it is time to buy.

Stocks are like people in many ways:

Some are unpredictable, some are dependable, and some are boring. But if a typically boring person suddenly jumps up on the table and begins tap dancing…

You know something strange is underway.

After today, you will be able to read stocks like you read people. If a typically “shy” stock, begins “tap-dancing”, well…

There is a reason for it. And it usually signals mammoth moves.

I already mentioned the 1,075% returns my readers enjoyed with American Power Conversion.

This would have turned a $10,000 investment into $117,500 for you.


$20,000 into $235,000…

That’s almost a quarter of a million dollars from one stock.

That could be a couple of rental properties… or a “Summer Getaway” home for you and your family.

Now, obviously, there are no sure things in the stock market. And not every winner is a 1,000% + one, either.

Take a company like First Solar, for example. While researching, my system told me something big was happening.

And the volume spikes were “tap-dancing” in a pattern that meant one thing:

The institutions were about to load up.

So, I told readers of my private newsletter that it was time to enter the position. They were glad they did, earning 415% returns.


This would have turned your $10,000 initial investment into $51,500.

$20,000 into $103,000

Or if you were more tentative and invested $5,000… you would still have come out with $25,750

Which isn’t a bad way to find your feet.

Qualcomm didn’t break the 1,000% barrier either, but readers were still content earning a 559% return.


This means you could have turned your $10,000 into $65,900 at a fast clip…

Or $20,000 into $131, 800. (It always feels great to get those six-figure windfalls).

And, again, you don’t need to bet the farm.

Only invest as much as you feel comfortable with. For example, $5,000 would have put $32,950 in your pocket which is nice for a few minutes work.

Now, I don’t want to bore you with numbers or seem like I’m showing off. Far from it…

Anyone can do what I did using this system and earn these same returns.


I’m sure you’re ready to get started yourself.

In order to give you immediate access to this information, I put everything inside a FREE REPORT for your convenience. It’s called Your Checklist For Identifying Monster Stocks, and you can have it up on the screen in front of you in just a moment.

Your Checklist For Identifying Monster Stocks

And inside its pages you’ll learn:

  • Where the NEXT “Insider” favorites tend to be found…
  • The “2-SECOND INDICATOR” to know which way the market is going…
  • When to be patient with a stock… and when to run for the hills…
  • Why the well-known blue chips surprisingly shackle your profits
  • And plenty more besides.

People STILL don’t realize identifying these stocks, repeatedly, is not luck. It’s a skill you can learn. To paraphrase Nicholas Darvas (a ballroom dancer who made $2 million in the stock market over 18 months):


With this system, you can determine a company’s vitals like a doctor examines an x-ray… It will practically scream out to you!

You can go through your mental checklist… or just pull up your FREE REPORT.

There are few skills in the world as lucrative, impressive, or… fun.

But there is a little more to it.

As I touched on earlier, identifying a winning stock— a MONSTER stock— is only half of the battle. The other half is squeezing as much juice out of it as possible on the way up…

Without getting “shaken out” like weak-hand investors…

Yet also knowing when to take your profits and run like an interrupted thief!

There is a very specific, time-tested way to do this, too. It’s knowledge very few investors have. Because although they pray for one of their picks to become a monster winner…


Each passing hour they wonder:

“Should I sell now and cash in?”

“What if it’s too soon or the price jumps after I sell?”

“… But what if I stay and lose all my gains?”

Well, there is a very specific way to handle big winners, and avoid this uncertainty.

It’s an approach I’ve followed for decades.

And this skill was just as life-changing for me as learning how to spot the big winners. Because it all comes down to having TENS OF THOUSANDS OF REAL DOLLARS IN YOUR BANK ACCOUNT…

Rather than “One That Got Away” stories.

And so, I want to hand you another report. On the house, of course.

It’s called “How To Handle Monster Stocks For Maximum Profits”.

With this second FREE REPORT, you will learn—once and for all —how to play these ten-bagger stocks like a mandolin!

How To Handle Monster Stocks For Maximum Profits

After reading it, you will know:

  • The forgotten “THIRD OPTION” between holding a stock or selling it…
  • When to “Offensively Sell” from a position of power…
  • Which news is a red flag for your stock (97% is insignificant)…
  • How to tell when the “Whales” are about to dump your stock…
  • … And more

Make no mistake, this knowledge puts you in rarefied air in the stock market.

Not only will it separate you from the “also-ran” or “Robinhood” investors…

It is the difference between seeing paper gains on a computer screen… and seeing the Eiffel Tower or Roman Colosseum on a European trip funded by a big, ACTUALIZED stock market win!


The best part is you can access all of this life-changing information immediately, at ABSOLUTELY NO RISK OR OBLIGATION.

All you need to do to access this life-changing information is take a look at my newsletter, The Cabot Growth Investor.

As a subscriber you will be among the first 1% in the country to know when the insider professionals are ABOUT TO SEND a stock through the roof.

You won’t have to hear about huge wins after the fact like everyone else. Instead, you get to PROFIT from them. Wins like…

Crocs (+307%) …

Ascend Communications (+440%) …

eResearch (+257%) …

Home Depot (+239%)

Summit Technology (+443%)

… and too many more to list here.

Like I said, it really doesn’t matter whether the professionals who are skyrocketing your stock are acting lawfully… or otherwise.

Because we are just using a perfectly legal winning system…

One that has made me and other HONEST Americans rich over the past couple of decades. But please pay attention to this next important point:

Although I have been authorized to hand you over your two FREE REPORTS…

There is a strict limit on the number of investors allowed to join the Cabot Growth Investor.

A track record like mine means that once people get their foot in the door… they rarely leave to free up new spaces.

What’s more, although I have headed it for more than twenty years, this newsletter has been in CONTINUOUS OPERATION SINCE 1970.

In fact, Cabot Wealth Network BUILT A THRIVING INDEPENDENT BUSINESS AROUND THIS ONE LETTER’S SUCCESS! And in this industry, being trusted for HALF A CENTURY means more than anything.

That said, I am authorized to add 235 NEW SPOTS. It is the best I can do. But these spots are vanishing by the minute. I hope you understand.

If you are fast, you will lock in all of the information inside your TWO FREE REPORTS to read at your leisure…

And enjoy the windfalls I mentioned earlier that could have earned you…



Or $169,200

Time and again. This is just three examples of many.

Twice a month, I will send you the latest detailed issue of the Cabot Growth Investor newsletter.

Within its pages I will list out the best “blast off” stock recommendations on the market, according to my time-tested system. Recommendations that can get you right up to speed with my other wealthy readers.

Plus, I will send you insights about the current market and any other important actions you should take at every juncture.

Make no mistake:

In the volatile post-COVID landscape, this is worth its weight in gold. And it’s not just simple “buy” or “sell” recommendations, like you get with run-of-the-mill advisories.

You will know, for instance, when to…

EASE INTO a new up-trending stock…

LOAD UP on a winning one…

CUT losers short…

Or even when you should GO TO CASH (and what percentage cash you should be holding).

Remember, I recommended readers go to 90% in cash before Lehman Brothers tanked the market. Because a great offense is useless without a strong defense, too.

What’s more, I will email you every week with any updates or important news that gives you an edge.

“Clear, concise, does not burden the investor with pages of endless analysis.”

-J. Hamel, Highland Park, Illinois

No stone is left unturned. There is too much at stake here:

Your retirement, your quality of life, and your family’s security.



Let me say, as a fellow investing “junkie”, you will feel like you struck oil having unlimited access to all of this timeless stock market wisdom. Just ask my happy readers.

Like Mr. R. Bhatia from Irving, Texas who recently wrote to say: “Mike, I want to express my appreciation and thanks for your timely advice. Your recommendations are perfect.

I always follow your letter to the last word… I am dedicated to it forever.”

Another reader, Mr. R. Beck from Sun Lakes, Arizona, said: “Mike, I’ve tried a number of investment advisory services—and the Cabot Growth Investor is head and shoulders above anybody else. You’ve made money for me and, more importantly, you have SAVED me a lot of money.”

Nothing makes me prouder to hear.

Look, the past year has been rough…

For our loved ones and our great nation.

But if there is one thing I know about America, it’s that we will come out stronger on the other side.

The clever, hard-working patriots going to work every day will make sure of it. And we will be investing in the stocks of some of these great companies!

You can never bet against our country.

And to that end, I would like to give you MY DIRECT EMAIL. As a fellow investor, I consider you a friend. I am honored to assist you in providing your family with a better life through clever investing—

Just like I did.

When you join the Cabot Growth Investor, we are partners. If you have a question, just email me directly. Because I have seen it all before over the years!

How much are life-changing profits and expert guidance like this worth to you?

As a serious investor, I am sure you are ready for a serious, repeatable system. One that can double… triple… or quadruple your money.

Say you had invested a modest $5,000 in American Medical for example. Your $5,000 would be worth $36,950.

How much would you pay for this one well-vetted suggestion alone?

I’m sure you agree, access to this lucrative information—time and time again— is worth thousands of dollars. As you can see from our track-record, anything less than, say, $10,000 would feel like a steal in the long run.

But you won’t need to pay ANYTHING CLOSE to that today.


That is, if you are still in time.

Today, you will only need to pay $497.00.
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One MODEST win would cover this ten times over.

That is JUST $1.36 PER DAY to immediately unlock:

  • Cabot Growth Investor Newsletter
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  • FREE REPORT #2: How To Handle Monster Stocks For Maximum Profits
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  • And more…

Again, all of this for JUST $1.36 A DAY.

And you can enjoy it all at ZERO RISK thanks to Cabot Wealth Network’s 30-day test drive and 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE.

Because Cabot are not in the business of making a “quick buck”.

Remember, they have been working tirelessly to make regular Americans independently wealthy for FIFTY YEARS, with the testimonials to prove it.

And whatever you decide after your test drive, please KEEP YOUR TWO REPORTS— with my compliments.

But if you do want to be a part of this— and enjoy huge returns like I have mentioned—


There are three choices you can take from here, I suppose:


If this is the case, I wish you well.

However, if you are ready to grow your wealth substantially in the coming months and years – safely – you could try…


Perhaps you enjoy the process of trying to crack the code yourself— like I did all those years ago. If so, I applaud you.

But the trial-and-error is not easy (or cheap).

And although there is plenty of financial news out there to wade through as you fine-tune your system…

I must warn you, this mainstream information often contradicts itself… arrives too late… is amateurish… or downright fraudulent. Please take today’s mainstream financial advice as seriously as you would take a political poll…

Which leads us to OPTION #3:


The 50+ hours of painstaking chart analysis every week… going through the financials of my “Watchlist” with a fine-tooth comb… and examining the market for the NEXT 1,075% winner.

All you will need to do is check your email once or twice a week to find my latest recommendations and advice.

Which option sounds easiest to you on your path to wealth?

And which has the best track record?

I know which one gives you time to enjoy your life more— and spend time with loved ones while protecting their long-term security.

But, like I said, it is now up to you to act.

Simply click the “Order Now” button and input your details on our Secure Order Form. After that, I will get to work on you and your family’s behalf.



Mike Cintolo,

Chief Analyst, Cabot Growth Investor.
Order Now!

P.S. Now that you can access this career-defining information, doesn’t it feel as though you turned a corner?

Think about it:

By knowing WHAT stocks to invest in… WHEN to enter into each position for maximum profits… and HOW to manage these monster winners effectively (as the professionals and institutional investors load in and propel your portfolio upwards) …

Well, there is not a whole lot more to investing than that. It’s why this simple system more than doubled the market’s return over the last decade.

And let me say, I am honored to lend my expertise to you during this journey (don’t forget YOU WILL HAVE MY DIRECT EMAIL ADDRESS).

Because I’ve been at this fork in the road myself—and this system changed me from a frustrated “also-ran” investor to an award-winning one.

Trust me, it is well worth one final push to get there.

But even as you read this, a few more of the limited spots have likely been filled. People are grabbing the reins of their financial futures for their families. I hope you will too— before this window shuts for good.
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