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Welcome to Cabot Growth Investor

Thank you for subscribing to Cabot Growth Investor!

As chief analyst of Cabot Growth Investor, I want to touch base with you personally and welcome you on board. My goal, simply put, is to help you make money … hopefully big money when the market environment is right. And I’ll do that by recommending to you the market’s leading stocks—those with a new and revolutionary product or service—as well as top-notch portfolio management advice (when to buy, buy more, hold and eventually sell).

I’ve been a student of the market for many years, and I know that growth stocks provide enormous opportunities for stock investors … if they know how to find the real leaders, and how to handle them during their dramatic up-moves. That is our specialty and our main focus, which we’ve been providing for subscribers during for more than 45 years.

Every Thursday, you will receive either the Cabot Growth Investor Issue or the Update. You’ll also receive Alerts via email whenever market conditions warrant—so that you know exactly what action to take in your stock portfolio.

All Cabot Growth Investor resources—Current and Past Issues, Updates, Alerts, Special Reports and investing tools—are available for your review at any time on the Cabot subscribers-only website. Just click on your “My Services” tab to view them.

Every stock that I add to our Model Portfolio or watch list will be followed closely, and I will communicate any changes (including sell advice) in the Issues, as well as via Updates and Alerts. The bottom line is that, whenever I have any changes in advice, you’ll be getting something directly from me.

I look forward to providing you with the best and most profitable advice possible.

If you ever have any questions about our recommendations, the markets or any other stocks that interest you, I’m always available by email. My address is

Once again, welcome. I look forward to a long and profitable relationship.

Your guide to growth stock investing,

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Mike Cintolo

Chief Analyst, Cabot Growth Investor