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September 2022
Cannabis legalization is spreading but cannabis stocks are trading near all-time lows, which leaves these four industry leaders poised for a rebound.
The recently passed Inflation Reduction Act is a signature legislative victory for the Biden Administration and possibly the largest Greentech investment ever. Here’s what it means for investors.
While gold’s price performance in 2022 has been lackluster, there are growing contrarian signals that the action may have shaken out weak hands and paved the way for more bullish action ahead.
New legislation finally recognizes the strategic importance of semiconductors to the American economy and our national security. These chipmakers are the most likely to benefit.
The labor market has remained remarkably resilient despite high inflation, rising interest rates, and a general sense of foreboding about the economy. These are the states (and companies) where hiring is still booming.
Beaten-down stocks can offer big profit potential, but when they’re truly distressed the potential reward may not be worth the risk.
You may not know Richard Pzena’s name, but these three investing lessons should be taken to heart.
Instead of allowing day-to-day headlines to drive your investing strategy, separate the “signal” from the “noise” and keep an eye on what the corporations are doing.
Finding an enduring stock to buy means identifying services that are essential in any economic environment, and this SaaS stock offers authentication services that are critical to software companies of all sizes.
It may seem impossible to nail 80% of your options trades, but some basic rules of probability (and a little patience) can lead to major success.
The bear market may cut down on promising companies that would otherwise show up on my radar, but these 3 small-time financial stocks are showing a lot of potential.