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Small-Cap Confidential
Undiscovered stocks that can make you rich

InVivo Therapeutics (NVIV)

This month’s Cabot Small-Cap Confidential investment candidate is InVivo Therapeutics (NVIV), a Cambridge, Massachusetts-based medical device developer that’s revolutionizing spinal cord injury treatment. InVivo’s most promising device is a spinal cord scaffold device that prevents the body’s immune system from doing further damage following a spinal cord injury. By preventing secondary damage, injured spinal cord tissue can re-route communication and grow new neurons, enabling a patient’s partial or complete recovery. In early animal clinical trials, 100% of the paralyzed primates that received the scaffold were up and running within 12 weeks. The stock’s recent uptrend is indicating a bullish technical pattern, and my target for the stock is a 100% gain in 12 months.