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Small-Cap Confidential
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Cabot Small-Cap Confidential Special Bulletin

We’re selling two stocks today.

Sell Remaining three-quarter Position in CareDx (CDNA) and full position in Upland Software (UPLD)

Sell CareDx (CDNA)
We’ve been watching this somewhat volatile stock for a while now and in hindsight may have given it too long a leash. Shares broke below their 200-day line a couple weeks back when earnings came out, but with all that had gone on (short attacks, etc.) I thought the downtrend would be short lived. With the stock taking a new leg down with the cumulative declines on Friday and today, it’s time to cut bait. Let’s sell our remaining position in CareDx (CDNA) and move this stock back to the watch list.


Sell Upland Software (UPLD)

Upland was a strong stock for us right after I recommended it but the trend turned in June and the stock just hasn’t been able to turn back north. The decline hasn’t been swift, more like a slow, weekly retreat. With the stock just breaking below its 200-day line on Friday, and remaining there today, it’s time to move on. We’ll take a very modest gain (in the single digits) and keep Upland on the watchlist if the chart begins to look more constructive. SELL.