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Cabot Small-Cap Confidential Special Bulletin

The market appears to have firmed up a little over the last week.


Buy Second Half of Positions in Repligen (RGEN) and Codexis (CDXS)

First, I hope you are looking forward to a good New Year!

Second, the market appears to have firmed up a little over the last week. It’s hard to say what the reason(s) is/are. Perhaps sentiment got too negative and is rebounding, maybe the computer programs blamed for some of the market weakness took some time off over the holiday, or maybe investors are finally done tax loss selling and/or see compelling values out there.

Whatever the reasons, it looks like time to take a small step back into the market. We’ll do so by filling the second half of our two most recent positions, both of which were added to the portfolio during historically awful months!

Here are the two positions to add, and their current charts:

Repligen (RGEN): Buy Second Half of Position


Codexis (CDXS): Buy Second Half of Position


In terms of performance tracking, our reference price will be the simple average of each stock’s price on the day it was first recommended and today’s price. The price used from each day is the average of each stock’s daily high and low.

Happy New Year!