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Seeking Traction

The overall market is still in good shape, but underneath the surface, there’s no question that sellers have turned up the heat on leading growth stocks. Many have taken a beating in recent days, and more than a few have broken wide open. All of this is not a reason to head for the hills--holding your strongest, profitable stocks is still advised, as there remain many good-looking charts out there--but you should be vigilant when it comes to any stocks that are showing you losses and are breaking down. In the Model Portfolio tonight, we’re selling two of our stocks, and we have tight leashes on a couple of other names. The sales will leave us with a lot of cash (north of 40%), but we’ll hold the cash on the sideline until we see some proper setups. In tonight’s Letter, we give you all our latest thoughts on our recommendations, of course, and also, on the buy side, explain one of the most valuable tools we know of for finding future big-winning stocks on page 5.