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The Future is Bright

While there is still plenty of volatility in the market, the fact is that stocks have been slowly improving during the past few weeks. Thus, we’re continuing our method of slowly coming off the sideline. In tonight’s issue, we’re adding two more stocks to the Model Portfolio on this two-day market retreat. That said, it’s still not a time to become overly bullish; we’re still going to hold onto a cash position of around 35%, and will put more money to work only if the market continues to act well. Also in tonight’s Letter, we present a few new ideas on page 4, and also write about the one major market cycle that has proven its worth for many decades. The good news: It portends a major rally from this year’s low to next year’s high. We think you’ll like it. Last but not least, we’re also making a small change to our page 1 format, adding a table of contents that will make it easier for you to navigate each Cabot Market Letter, as well as quickly find stocks of interest. Let us know what you think!