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We’re In a Robust Bull Market

The bull market rolls on, with most indexes at or near new high ground. This is great news, as the most bullish thing a market can do is go up! Even better is the action of leading stocks, most of which remain in firm uptrends, and some are beginning to tighten up after a terrific past few weeks. Of course, the ride won’t always be smooth; shakeouts and selloffs are part of life in the market. But at this point, one of your major goals is to develop staying power with your strong, profitable stocks, giving them a chance to turn into bigger winners. We think we own some of the market’s true, most powerful leaders and plan on giving them room to breathe in the weeks ahead. In tonight’s Cabot Market Letter, we remind you to focus on what really counts when selecting stocks for purchase; avoiding the junk pile and poorly acting names because they’re “cheap” can usually keep you out of trouble. We also highlight a few new stock ideas in the issue, including one sector that looks set to start a major upmove. (See page 5.) And, of course, you’ll get all our latest thoughts on our Model Portfolio recommendations. It’s a good time to be a bull, so open up tonight’s issue for all our ideas.