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Even Better Than Expected!

Since our buy signal from last Tuesday, the market has motored ahead, as have many leading stocks. Our profits in our long-time holdings are expanding, and our new purchases are also acting well. And our market timing indicators all remain positive. It’s a bull market! Thus, our advice remains the same: You should be putting money to work in strong stocks. In tonight’s Letter, in fact, we’re adding two new stocks to the Model Portfolio, which will give us nine out of a possible twelve. Also in this issue, we highlight a few more intriguing ideas on page 4, as well as one new networking company on page 5 that might have the makings of a big winner. Also on page 5, we write about a well-known economic report that’s recent movement suggest higher prices for stocks in the months to come. Finally, we give you all our latest thoughts on our Model Portfolio holdings on pages 2 and 3. All in all, there’s lots to read in tonight’s Cabot Market Letter, so open up the issue for all the details.